A matter of time: Time tracking in a serious way

Of course TwProject allows time tracking. And it can be done at different levels of depth.

The easiest way comes along with the creation of a project: just name it, give it start and end dates, and it is done, as you can start immediately to track the time spent on the project.

There are many time tracking tools out there: in Twproject time tracking is part of the project management and it is integrated with the others features of the tool.

Twproject time tracking system is flexible and customizable: because projects in different fields have a different approach to the workflow and the time spent on the project itself, and so different needs about time tracking as well.

Twproject time tracking system allows issue / ticket based worklog, time planned worklog, timer based worklog: different positions, different jobs, even different departments of the same company could need a different approach to time tracking. But with Twproject you don’t need different tools for different time tracking needs.

All the different ways to track the time can be monitored, validated, approved: it means that generated costs can be verified any moment.

Meanwhile, everything happens on the basis of the principles of sharing and networking: the expected workflow is micro-managed (in issues) and macro-managed (in tasks) within the team.

The project agenda is shared within the team as well: if something goes wrong and resources have to be reallocated, or the agenda has to be reshaped, for an “emergency”, it will be easy to manage what’s happening also in terms of time tracking: all the whos, whats and whens of the project are in the same place, and the time needed and employed for an issue or task is easy to be checked whenever it is needed and by whomever is needed.

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