New in Twproject 6: The Impact Bar

Twproject 6 has been developed based on what you, our customers, ask for. Our main goal has always been improving your daily experience of using Twproject, and every single feature built in Twproject 6 has been made with this purpose.
Today we want to present you one great new feature, that will really help you getting things done: the impact bar.

The impact bar appears on top of your dashboard, it is there, fixed, to help you keep control over your workspace: what you have to do, and when. You will never miss a deadline again 🙂

From the feedback we received it was clear that something really helpful would be the introduction of a health bar, a place where at a glance you would be able to understand if there is something on top of your to-do list. The answer to this need is our impact bar. No more time spent searching for priorities, no more deadlines missed, no more scheduled issues lost.

tour-get-things-done-barSo, what’s in this amazing impact bar?

Overdue Tasks: In an ideal world no project should be overdue, but, lets face it, sometimes it happens. So now the day a project expires it will appear on top of your page so that you can take action immediately.

Expired issues: Same logic, as soon as issues expire, you will see them here. Of course the bar boxes are links, that immediately redirect you to the list of elements needing your attention.

Forthcoming Ends: Here they are, your deadlines. Keep an eye on this box, you will see which are your projects priorities. This will help you keeping a low number of overdue tasks.

Forthcoming issues: Same for tasks but applied on issues. If there is something that needs your work soon you will see it here.

Open Projects: This is the link to all your open projects, get immediately to what you need to manage and see.

Worklog done vs estimated: Last but not least the box showing you all the worklog you have inserted vs the one you should have. You can at a glance see if there is something you have to report.

So …

Twproject impact bar works for project managers and workers because it is relative to projects you are assigned on, as a supervisor, as project manager or simply as a worker. Twproject helps you getting your projects done and this is just one of all the new amazing 🙂 features of the new release.

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Author: Twproject staff

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