19 April 2016

  • On-the-fly filter on timesheets and My assignment widget
  • Task additional cost page
  • Task import/export in json format
  • Timesheet page: worker with default permission cannot save worklog
  • expense manage permission added
  • resource manage permission added
  • assignment create/read/write permission added
  • with the new permission is now possible to create new assignment for “my staff” only without having global permissions or multiple security areas
  • Gantt action: check security when pm on child and read-only on root
  • internationalization files are not longer served via web
  • Area Manager – “create issue” permission included on defaults
  • resource editor, security tab crashes if LDAP is enabled
  • Gantt editor – wrong count of deleted task
  • Gantt editor – wrong column headers on daylight saving changes
  • operator load – if there is an appointment marked as “unavailable” on a “holiday”, it is used as working day
  • Gantt editor: do not close task if there are open issues
  • assignment event is notified to yourself even if the flag is off
  • Gantt editor: error moving parent when child has milestone
  • Gantt editor: add issue fixed
  • filters on lists: check-boxes are not cleared when removed from filter
  • issue list, adding a commento on a just cloned issue opens a blank from
  • cannot add company news. The schema updater do not remove un-used columns on company news (affect upgrades from 5.x only)
  • agenda week: wrong today bar after daylight saving switch
  • import from msp: uses name-surname instead of surname-name on imported resources
  • kanban: ask confirm before leaving the page even if nothing is changed
  • status drop-down multi value do not work with pre-set values
  • Gantt editor: on save remove subscription for logged operator if self-notify flag is off
  • Gantt editor: full editor and assigment editor; save do not work on small resolution
  • add issue from task do not show the new issue editor if there are several issues to load
  • layout fix when a popup is opened a resize event is rised in order to le button bat adapt to screen resolution
  • Japanese labels has been improved (thanks to Nick)
  • logging – error feedback improved for Security Exceptions. Includes the Securable object reference
  • drop-down elements; “no elements” message added
  • my Assignment widget; role column added
  • issue editor, shows task dates
  • operator load: ignore “undefined” tasks and take cares about “suspended” and “aborted” ones
  • login page “?” was missing
  • worklog overflow – included the resource name on the event message
  • resource editor; added a warning when disabling e resource
  • task cost list: added a link to children
  • removed limits on worklog cells
  • task issue list, by default includes issues from children
  • task statistics, issue count now consider also issues on descendant
  • add worklog from mobile supports custom form


21 March 2016

  • new feature mobile: added file upload on expenses
  • new feature custom feature for showing task path
  • custom feature added to manage old messages on database
  • public page improved layout
  • Gantt editor didn’t change dates on new task created from the editor


22 February 2016

  • task start and end dates always visible on task editors
  • issue list new filter for company/department
  • add task branch from template
  • task clone supports target task
  • tools for assigning new codes to projects tree
  • task export in JSON format
  • task duration can be defined in weeks or months e.g.: “2w” “3M”
  • added a custom feature to show task’s full path on timesheet
  • worklog analisys, do not filter for custom fields
  • on-the-fly assignment creation fails if default roles are missing
  • task clone: cloning a child shifting the date may broke the milestone
  • differences on operator load from row based editors and operator load page
  • Gantt header wraps
  • internally generated messages for event (assignment, missing worklog, etc.) do not use operator’s defaults
  • plan by result do not show suspended tasks
  • issue editor: if you select first the assignee and then a task sometime assigne the issue to loggend instead of the selected resource
  • operator load if > 100% is hard to see the value
  • issue list: bulk delete fixed
  • sesource security tab disabled for companies
  • agenda editor: morning hours are not padded correctly (3:00 instead of 03:00), so the drop down starts with invalid hours
  • gantt: invalid operator load computation
  • add assignment alerts for non-numeric “assId”
  • timesheet. Clicking on “+” donot allow to save a description
  • Amazon instances: cannot renew from inside Twproject
  • NPE on sticky notes editor
  • task overview, increased visibility of task status
  • agenda month shows week number
  • resource list by default shows you instead of your colleagues easier to find someone else
  • issue notes limit has been removed
  • better messages in case of invalid task clone/move operations
  • default expiry date is now configurable using an advanced custom feature
  • added a default duration of 15gg for every generated message
  • Excel export: defaults now defined in JSON
  • gantt editor allows to edit task types
  • some missing labels created


01 February 2016

  • Custom fields on task budget.
  • Custom fields on task additional costs.
  • New editor for task additional costs.
  • unified permissions for managing assignments
  • “project launcher” role: wrong defaults
  • standard user cannot change its profile image
  • check message length for generated stick-notes
  • custom fields of type “radio button” work properly
  • bulk move worklog do not work
  • time sheet, clicking on “+” loose description
  • issue status combo do do respect order field value
  • removed “save filter” on task/resource issue list
  • task and resource comparators “Comparison method violates its general contract!”
  • clone task do not notify new assignments
  • Check day missing worklog page linked from worklog list page
  • Security area combo has been hidden when only one area is available.


22 January 2016

  • Gantt: task type, relevance and progress-by-worklog available on the extended editor.
  • a scheduled job that checks for new Twproject upgrades. Notifies administrators once per week by default.
  • task editor: add sub-task checks for task-Read instead of task-Add permission
  • new task/project, add sub task: role mandatory if resource is filled
  • there was a discrepancy on java and js calculation for days and time duration in format of “2d”; js consider 1d=24h while java consider the working day (1d=8h). Introduced support for fractional days “1.5d”. Affects several pages
  • agenda: wrong interpretation of iCalendara data leads to duplicated events.
  • worklog list: filter for task descendant do not work correctly
  • log messages: 404 in case of click on some messages
  • javascript week-of-year computation incorrect. Affects several pages in particular agenda week/day
  • headline: discrepancy on what seen and what filter on “project in last 7 days” block
  • Gantt: do not change duration from the row editor
  • remote file storage selector re-designed
  • worklog list and cost list pages do not show total by page when only one page is present


14 January 2016

  • Gantt now saves collapsed branches
  • worklog overview – removed link to resource if no permission
  • plan by task – removed links with no permission
  • operator load – load generated by task were user has no permissions is visible
  • task editor – copy task do not update issue counter when moving issues
  • task editor – closing a parent task with child task with open issues do not work correctly
  • timesheet – custom fields with visibleIf do cannot use task in case of new time record
  • bulk actions on task and resource issue list do not work
  • meeting – issue generation from discussion point do not work
  • email validator – email on new domain names (.info, .project etc.) are considered invalid
  • task editor – refined error messages on task status changes


22 December 2015

  • new feature issue list has a “bulk set date” option
  • refresh task issue list or resource issue list will cause NPE
  • email downloader process do not encode html messages and create weird issue and document descriptions
  • on-the-fly operator work load display do not consider the currently created


18 December 2015

  • operator work load is displayed when assigning or listing current assignments
  • expenses support attached files
  • expenses has a status
  • expenses management page
  • custom fields – can be now opted out using a condition {visibleIf:condition}
  • excel export and custom fields – help for exploring Twproject’s object and properties
  • drag and drop on IE11 is now working
  • resource page in some cases generate “Comparison method violates its general contract”
  • IE11 wrong font usage
  • issue list – tag box doesn’t allow to select a value
  • system check – empty checkpoint button
  • saved issue list – filters do not keep order by
  • task costs – wrong values saving currency
  • issues – impact is always visible even if not enabled by options
  • agenda – duplicated appointments from external calendars
  • startup – invalid license changing timezone
  • wizards – do not get values when page data is updates using “search”
  • resource list – do not search correctly children
  • paste files on issue list disabled
  • kanban and planning work starting from project page too
  • Outlook message (.msg) icon created


20 November 2015

  • order by not saved in issue list
  • new assignment notification missing
  • task list you can search by role name
  • added a new custom feature for shifting issues scheduled while shifting tasks
  • issue kanban and planner preserve filter from task issue list
  • added a new custom feature for preventing saving costs in the past


9 November 2015

  • set the right icon when a document is dropped on task and resources
  • workflow management, cancel instance doesn’t work
  • scrum burndown graph link restored from task editor
  • burndown widget fixed
  • buy Twproject check for missing license code
  • some label changed


30 October 2015

  • long lists, scrolling down, when the header became fixed some field got duplicated letting bulk operation invalid
  • worklog analysis and worklog day double server-side call and error clicking on clock icon
  • on smiley images
  • import from MSProject keep order
  • task new in case of duplicated codes
  • wrong link on MissingWorklogChecker job
  • create user login when adding new resources from “new task” page and “new assignment” page
  • milestone bar better support for long project supporting scale by quarter semester
  • add worklog from my issue widget
  • task statuses restriction has been removed.
  • some label changed


23 October 2015

  • wrong highlight on administration page
  • updater recover page configuration and add headline on top and move summary bar on footer
  • in case of language changes, JS date management was cached
  • pop-ups with iframes get size in %
  • mime-icon for remote files and fix in case of context path set
  • add issue from task list
  • issue impact is optionable and is both editable and listed
  • popups
  • some label changed


16 October 2015

  • task assignment list layout fixed
  • custom icon on prints
  • issue impact is now on filters
  • some label changed


9 October 2015

  • resources working hours managed correctly
  • portlet editor. Source code editor restored
  • portal cleanup
  • jsonObjecyType support on PostgreSQL more robust in case of just added columns
  • classes cleanup
  • split assignment tool works again
  • worklog week, is now easier add several record for each day
  • assignment display name is uniform with resource display name
  • worklog custom fields are now visible on every entry point.
  • agenda start working day from user options
  • some label changed


23 September 2015

  • gantt editor unlock start date when removing dependency or indent
  • gantt when a dependency is created, change dates correctly
  • gantt row highlight when row are collapsed
  • issue editor error management when saving
  • assignment editor and subscriptions management
  • portlet list filter
  • external calendar added on the fly
  • external calendar set on user profile added by default
  • some label changed
  • better layout for task percentile


18 September 2015

  • Expired task finder notify for really expired issues
  • manage cache headers
  • update from 5 dashboard manage headline and summaryBar
  • task assignment cost mange persistent files


17 September 2015

  • gantt when assigning new resources
  • schema updater for PostgreSQL
  • login when in sas mode
  • task type editor, mandatory field managed
  • some label changed
  • hints added on task editor


2 September 2015

  • First version 6 release