Customer success stories

Since 2003 Twproject has been used by thousands of companies all around the world. Read what Twproject customers are saying about their experience.

Twproject is a great tool to keep track of our projects. We are able to plan all the tasks of a project in a very intuitive way. Since we use Twproject, and thanks to its notification system, we meet all deadlines on time. The discount policy for non-profit organizations is just amazing.

I tried Twproject and I could realize why (in the heck) it had so many features. I finally realized that Twproject was exactly what I needed for part of our team.Our JavaBlackBelt development team uses a bug/request tracker. Our commercial team uses a CRM. And now, the rest of our team (management, back office/admin, PR/media, marketing) uses Twproject

Twproject is just the solution for us: we get easy access to our data from all over the world, it is just detailed enough to keep track of issues and simple enough to have a project overview just clicks away.

In Twproject the time tracking functionality is absolutely fantastic. It makes it easy to keep track of every bit of time in a non-intrusive and intuitive manner, timers follows you in your way of work without any additional effort.

Twproject allows you to manage projects in a straightforward and intuitive way: from origination to project scheduling, and even including an alert function for updating other members of your project team. It’s also possible to synchronize Twproject with MS Project, MS Outlook and other well-known software.

I’ve now upgraded to version 6, and everything looks great. Beautiful! It’s just what I hoped you would do. I think you’ve just made us a very happy and loyal customer!

Congratulations because of the new version 😉

We are amazed with the new Twproject version, congratulations for creating this great product!

As an aside we all really like the new look of the latest version!

Great! We can do everything with Twproject 🙂

Your software is great!!