Twproject use cases

However you work, there is a solution in Twproject: its refined model and customizable interface make it an ideal tool for managing work in different kinds of organizations.

Research groups

  • Do groupware and project management organically with the same application
  • Have a single web entry point
  • Create a shared group portal which automatically reports advancement, responsibilities
  • Classified data and projects can have a fine-grained, strict security policy

Architects, building contractors

  • Keep track of project status’ advancement
  • Coordinate the entire team schedule
  • Keep all data of contractors
  • Share all the project’s files securely over the web, without the upload hassle
  • Store and share construction permits
  • You are free to choose whether to keep data safely in your intranet, or in a remote hosting

Engineering studios

  • With Twproject you can bring studio management to a higher level, with a light, web based project management application
  • Your project model can be a task tree as complex as you need
  • Export/import your data with Microsoft Project ©
  • Customize pages layout and contents with selective portlets


  • Track modeling and production over multiple suppliers/producers
  • Keep stakeholders in touch with current progress state
  • Assign tasks to the less-loaded resource
  • Retrieve securely over the web your blueprints
  • Time and cost tracking

Publishers & Authors, media content producer/provider

  • Coordinate and schedule meetings
  • Plan go on-line milestones, deadlines
  • Drafts sharing securely through web
  • Manage suppliers, contacts, authors

Certified services

  • By keeping track of projects and worklog you simplify your certification needs
  • Design in Twproject your custom modules for project evaluation, fitting your certification guidelines
  • Define local managers for each step

Software houses, software services, providers

  • Managed the development and support team managed with the same application
  • Detailed cost reporting over budgets and estimation
  • Balance resource load in time
  • Integrate seamlessly with SCRUM
  • Plug Twproject to your current IT structure
  • Integrate Twproject in your persistence standards at zero adoption cost

Specific needs

There are many more different contexts in which Twproject is used, from three to several hundred users per installation; we have over three thousand companies subscribed to our newsletter.