Upgrading from Teamwork 3 to 4: why and how

If you are a user of Teamwork 3, you may now consider upgrading from 3 to 4.


Well, simply version 4 is Nicer – Faster – Friendlier – Wider..

This does remind of the Daft hands video ūüôā . To get more in detail, probably the best way is to have a look at the user guide.

P.S.: Faster? Yes, it is graphically richer, but still it is faster: given the extended Ajax usage, many pages no longer need “global reloading”; and there is also caching for all the graphical pages parts.


First, you must buy the upgrade license here. The cost is 35 Euro per user (the buy page will show you also the price in dollars).

The installer of version 4 contains an upgrade procedure from version 3 to 4. Upgrading means evolving the database schema, updating and inserting some data, and updating the web application. This is a complex process, which we tested extensively on different database, but it is not entirely fail-safe; there may be permissions lacking, differences of encoding, particular settings of your installation etc. .
So before any upgrade attempt we STRONGLY advise doing a complete backup: these are the required operations to preserve all your data and your configurations settings:

B1. Backup your database
B2. Backup the entire web application: e.g. TEAMWORK_HOME/webapps/ROOT
B3. Backup your repository, where files get uploaded: if you have not customized this folder you can find it in TEAMWORK_HOME/teamworkRepository.

Consider that if you have Teamwork running in a non graphical environment, you cannot directly use the installer for upgrading, and this may be a problem, as several files must get updated.

So the recommended procedure for upgrading is the following:

1.    Backup as above B1, B2, B3
2.    Create a copy of your database, accessible from a graphical environment
3.    Install version 4 on such database with the graphical installer
4.    If everything is fine, use the obtained web app as the new Teamwork

This way there should be no danger of ‚Äúruining‚ÄĚ your current version 3 installation.

You can delegate us to do the upgrade procedure for you, if you are willing to give a temporary remote access to your web application. Before giving us access, you must have done backups B1, B2, B3, as our upgrade comes with no guarantees of data preservation in case of failure, and it is to you restoring the database and the web app in the previous state.¬† Buy the ‚Äúremote setup‚ÄĚ here:


In case the upgrade procedure fails, you will get a full refund of the remote setup.

Author: Twproject staff

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3 thoughts on “Upgrading from Teamwork 3 to 4: why and how”

  1. Senhores, bom dia!
    Possuo a versao do Teamwork 3.2.9 e queria atualizar para a versao 4.3. Qual seria o procedimento para que seja feita esta atualiazacao?

    Aguardo o retorno,


  2. Hello team, my name is Rafael Rojas and our company is an intensive user of teamwork. We have been thinking about buying the upgrade to Teamwork 4, and we think we are ready. Although, we are thinking as well about switching from an in-house server scheme to an internet web server scheme.

    The first I would like to know is about you experience using the teamwork remotely for a 10 users team. The other one if it is possible to up grade to Teamwork and change of OS at the same time, because we are running it on Mac and we would like to change it to linux.

    Best regards,


    1. If you are used to an intranet speed, you probably should keep it on your intranet or on a locally fastly reachable web server, as Teamwork 4 pages are pretty, powerful but sometimes a bit heavy. Switching from Mac to Linux is not generally a problem, of course you must be prepared on your database and knowledgeable on both operating systems (e.g. you must enable Java JDK support on Linux). We can do it for you if you need technical support (see Remote setup installation http://www.twproject.com/licensePrices.page ).

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