Teamwork 4.6 released

This release includes several bug fixes, improvements and an exciting new feature.

The exciting feature is that now Teamwork  provides a mobile interface to easily add issues on your active projects.

You don’t need to install anything in order to use Teamwork from a mobile device: you just need a browser and being online, your Teamwork has to be accessible /exposed online too.

The mobile application will be available at this address:   http://yourTeamworkDomain/mobile

iphone-tw2 iphone-tw1

The release includes also some bugfixes:

  • Issue portlet bug.
  • Worklog action not more truncated to 10 characters in issue editor.
  • Document search by type “File Storage”.
  • Agenda event send in the ical file if it is private or not.
  • Issue editor re-organized to work on lower resolutions.
  • Plan by task and plan by resources error fixed.
  • Bug fix on resource description overflow.
  • Improved search in smart combo for case sensitive database.
  • Load details calculation bug fixed
  • Bug fixed on worklog management.
  • Check missing worklog error fixed.
  • Assignment list bug on saving hourly cost.
  • Bug on administration page on tab logs.
  • When a new issue is created it is saved a log entry in history.

This new release includes an improvements in the operator load view which now shows also the work done each day by users.

A new functionality has been added that lets you easily find all working days when worklogs have exceed a certain amount.

Download this release here; there are no database schema changes from latest release. Technical note: the web.xml of the application will be updated.

Author: Twproject staff

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