Teamwork 4.2.9650 released

This is a major release, the first of the 4.2 series; it is a free upgrade to all users of version 4. The main features of this significant release are:

(actually even more than what described there has been done along this line: just try it out…)

  • An empowered meeting management section
  • Two new interface translations: in French, and in Chinese
  • Several tool expansions for the power users, on automatic advancements, code generations, test status on issues etc. (this is detailed in the following)
  • A new skin: ulm
The new ulm skin.
The new ulm skin.

The user guide has been updated. Download the release here; the installer will upgrade your web application and the database schema and data; remember to do backups!

General features

–    Added “test” status to issues
–    Improved Portuguese translation
–    Added option in config for setting task progress to 100% when complete
–    Added option in config for generating task codes from types
–    Saved filters are visible in the button bar
–    Costs are in currency in all the interface
–    Easter is not mandatorily a holiday
–    Avoid to duplicate subscriptions when present on parents
–    Subscribe overdue tasks
–    There is task name in the subject of email generated by TW?
–    There is a new “ulm” skin, really pretty


–    There are “tags” everywhere for tagging and then finding anything
–    Assigning a task: create resources on the fly if you have permissions, and put a link in message bar
–    The issue in line editor is easy to edit, and to jump from there to entities
–    Save on issue  line magically appears – no need to press “tab”
–    Unassigned resources can be set on issues
–    Messages on save and every action are really visible
–    Set a default color on resource so that say notification stickies from different assignees are in different colors
–    Worklog week: allow add more the one record per day without reloading the page
–    A new “first start” starting page
–    Badges as balloons for users


–    Discussion points have been empowered, and are edited in the same page as the supporting calendar event
–    Now there is a minute for every discussion point
–    Every discussion point can be printed separately
–    Issues can be added by simply selecting text of the minute

Bug fixes

–    Boards: manage the z-order correctly
–    Bug in computing difference in worklog week
–    Bug in saving names of default filters
–    3rd level task ordering alphabetical not by task number (after selecting task)
–    Document: double save “upload” boom!
–    In worklog analysis “move all 796 work logs to selected assignment:” covers the “total” bottom line
–    Icons of menu never reloaded
–    Summa bug on docs
–    Must put operational role on the resources created on the fly
–    On chrome: issue list, change a description, press search button, do not leave the page, save the issue, press search again does not work
–    Priority not set on assignments created by project tree or issues

Author: Twproject staff

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