Teamwork 5: Gantt, planning, new design & more

Teamwork 5A major Teamwork release, Teamwork 5, is now available for download here:

In the same page you can generate a 15 day evaluation license. (inclusive of the mobile version)

Teamwork’s costs have not changed, all details:

The base cost is 90 Euro per non-expiring license, and the upgrade cost is 35 Euro (44$) per user.

See the introductory video and download the user guide here:

Teamwork hosting is now built entirely on Amazon dedicated servers E3 service – more information here.

Upgrading from Teamwork 4

The multi-platform installer includes an upgrader from version 4 which updates the web app and your data, but it cannot update Java’s JDK (see FAQ), you must do that by hand or do a new installation; Teamwork 5 needs Java JDK version 6 (or 7). In order to try version 5, the best way is to do a fresh installation.

If you own version 4, you’ll need to purchase an upgrade license for version 5, unless you bought Teamwork 4 after 1st of June 2012 (our invoice date is the purchase date) – in the latter case it is a free upgrade.

What’s new

Teamwork version 5 has a new user interface and several new functionalities. The work model is mostly unchanged from version 4.
Main new features:

– Introduced Gantt-like editor
Also supports dependencies between any two tasks, not just between brother tasks.
Teamwork Gantt

– Introduced issue planner /organizer:
Issue Planner

– Assignment enriched with assignment specific costs (expenses)

Cost on assignements

– Statistics graphs improved and extended

Teamwork Stats
A line graph on the task editor which shows total worklogs / issues done.


– Heuristics on project progress / state
– Date and number formats relative to user profile (on top of user interface language, which was always customizable)
– Denormalization to achieve speed
– Speed improved in general
– Conceptual simplification of planning and estimation and more fine grained tools
– Shorter click paths with layers
– Amazon S3 file storages
– Custom reports on all Teamwork sections
– Agenda and meeting completely redesigned
– Workgroups visibility / association with images
– Technical: libraries updated to Hibernate 4.
– Flow management has been extended:
o for example worklog estimated in the time assignment can be set. Also added attributes to workflow descriptions that allow setting duration of tasks and estimations of assignments.
o clone tasks can clone also the assignment for the business process
o when writing flows you can automate assignments by “instantiator” and project manager:
The classes to check are

We also released Teamwork Gantt, a free online tool for creating Gantts, you find it here:

Of course Gantts created online can be imported in Teamwork 5 – just go to projects and select “import from Teamwork Gantt”.

N.B. Complete Teamwork sources (under NDA) are available for free to all customers as always.