Get Teamwork on the cloud


You can now get your own Teamwork server hosted on Amazon cloud: this will be a dedicated server, so you will have all the advantages of having an internal server without having to do any maintenance. E.g. in case of upgrades these will be performed by Teamwork’s staff.

imageFor groups of up to 15 users, you will pay only 83 Euro /month if you buy a year hosting, getting a server completely dedicated to your group.

A dedicated server

Having a dedicated server means for example choosing the DNS name to attribute your server; means having your own time/zone settings and agenda synching options.

On request we can give independent access to the server and to all database backups. You can anytime upgrade your server to more powerful instances, actually the full scalability of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is available. So you can start small and upgrade when needed.

So… get your Teamwork online:  here are all the details.