More questions? More Answers!

twAnswersLogoToday we put online a new support and Q&A’s site for Teamwork. Here it is:

During this year we focused on improving communication with the Teamwork’s community, by getting more and more contributions from our customers and testers; for this reason we have tried to improve the way people can give us feedback.
UserVoice has been the first service that we have put online to collect your ideas and suggestions for new Teamwork releases. This service has had a great success.
Following this line we have worked to provide our customers a more and more comfortable way for getting support; after considering different hypotheses, we chose the Q&A service above because it is very user friendly and responsive.

The new support service, which uses the same engine as StackOverflow, the popular developer Q&A’s site, is very easy to use and is provided to let you ask questions about Teamwork functionality and about work management in general, and get good quality answers.

So let’s go there and ask!

Author: Twproject staff

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2 thoughts on “More questions? More Answers!”

  1. does it can able to operate anybody’s computer from the main server??
    can i able to know what my team member working on?

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