Everybody contributes!

bugs are only part of the pictureOne of the features appreciated by Teamwork users in contrast with other web applications for project management is that it is not exclusively oriented to technical users. For example, about 8% of Teamwork customers are software houses, and several of them migrated from bug-tracking oriented software to Teamwork, simply by realizing that there is more to software development than just bug tracking.

In order to facilitate usage and group contributions, a trick to enable issue add for everyone in the project area, even if not assigned to projects, is to simply extend the “operational” role, created by default by setup, with the “task read” and “issue create” permissions. 😉

This was suggested by Roberto and closes a feature request.

Note: the logo on the left is the logo of our “error serving and collecting” new online service which will go in public beta soon: bugsvoice.com.

Author: Twproject staff

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