Teamwork webcast #3

Teamwork webcast #3In this webcast Silvia Chelazzi and Pietro Polsinelli take a look at the requests in the feedback service, which was launched together with Teamwork version 4. Completed, declined and open requests are examined. Also the connection between feature requests and Teamwork development is discussed, with a reference to this blog post.

We’d be happy to get feedback to our feedback on the feedback.

See the webcast on Vimeo here.

Suggestions for topics that the webcasts should cover are welcome: use (of course 🙂 ) the feedback service.

See all webcasts introductions here.

Teamwork’s new blog!

This blog is the continuation of this old one on Blogspot. As blogging has become an important mean of providing information and news on Teamwork and related methodologies and technologies, we moved the blog under Teamwork’s domain and began using a more powerful content manager (WordPress).

Now some of the more recent and relevant content from the old blog.

Teamwork 4 beta: Teamwork’s new release is available with free licenses for evaluation. The download links are:

Windows (94MB):

Linux (97MB):

OSX (83MB):

Here is an evaluation license:


What’s new:
– contains upgrade from version 3 (to be tested – do not upgrade production, only copies)
– a beta of a German translation
– fixed severe bug in working days “pushing” dates on tasks
– several minor bug fixes

Free licenses: we give free Teamwork 4 user licenses for reviewers.

From now on we will be giving out a free, non expiring 3-user Teamwork 4 license (worth 285 Euro) to any journalist/blogger who writes a public review of Teamwork 4 (typically a blog entry) regardless whether it is positive or not. In fact we’ll give you the license before you write the review: just send us a short blurb and we’ll send you the license.

Same if you are willing to do a demo of Teamwork 4 to an audience at a public event.

Free upgrades: everyone who bougth teamwork 3 after September 1st, 2008, will get a free upgrade to version 4.

Teamwork webcasts: the first of Teamwork webcast series is on line, and can be seen on Vimeo in high definition.It deals with Business processes integration.

This is the first of a series of webcasts in which Silvia Chelazzi and Pietro Polsinelli (two Teamwork developers) will talk about Teamwork, work and project management, and related tools and technologies. We plan to release a webcast about every two weeks. Notes on the first webcast are here, on the old blog.