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  • Predict the future or improve today

    Here is a very short video on predicting the future vs. improving the current situation – which assumes that you know what is happening, who is doing what. The quoted Freakonomics podcast “The Folly of Prediction” is here.     Teamwork, with its focus on recording work in very different ways and from different sources … Continue reading “Predict the future or improve today”

  • Get Teamwork support via Twitter

    We just published a small update so that Teamwork integrates user help requests to Twitter from inside the application. To do it by hand just tweet @teamworknews.

  • Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25100)

    This is a minor release that contains an important bugfix found thanks to Teamwork’ users detailed feedback. it is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here: http://www.twproject.com/download.pag Bug fixed: – Bug that prevents Teamwork’ sending notifications for expired tasks.

  • Temwork release 4.7.25013

    This is a minor release which includes some bug-fixes and some improvements. It is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page The most important improvement in this release is in the Teamwork process management module. Now, for instance, you can auto assign resource directly from the process … Continue reading “Temwork release 4.7.25013”

  • Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25011)

    A patch release for Teamwork 4.7 is available. Thanks to user’s feedback we included an important fix to a bug that prevented Teamwork sending notification e-mails. This is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page Teamwork 4.7 has been released with a major technological update including … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25011)”

  • Access Teamwork everywhere: get the mobile module

    Teamwork Mobile and 4.7 release This is an important release and update: Teamwork now has a custom made mobile module that allows to access it using mobile devices like iPhones, Android, Blackberries to read all your Teamwork data online and also to update some of its contents. The mobile module is an additional module that … Continue reading “Access Teamwork everywhere: get the mobile module”

  • Teamwork 4.6 released

    This release includes several bug fixes, improvements and an exciting new feature. The exciting feature is that now Teamwork  provides a mobile interface to easily add issues on your active projects. You don’t need to install anything in order to use Teamwork from a mobile device: you just need a browser and being online, your … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.6 released”

  • Recent progress in Teamwork development – towards 4.6

    Well, first of all let me say that Teamwork 4.5 has been a great minor release; I have to call it “minor” as it has been and it is a free upgrade to all users of version 4 even if it was actually a “major” release according to the number of features it introduced. The … Continue reading “Recent progress in Teamwork development – towards 4.6”

  • Teamwork relational structure

    Following some user requests, we’ve put together a first documentation of Teamwork’s relational structure, that will be a part of next release of Teamwork user guide. Here is the PDF. Hope it helps! P.S. Published an update expansion on July 19 (2010).

  • How do I begin project management?

    In “Making things happen”, the author (Scott Berkun) states that he assumes that the reader is not stupid, is curious and pragmatic, does not like jargon or big theories, and does not take herself, software, or management too seriously. Well, we do the same in Teamwork. Still, you may have no or little experience in … Continue reading “How do I begin project management?”

  • Teamwork 4.5 patch release (4.5.17900)

    As always after a major upgrade, thanks to your detailed feedback we can already do a patch release with a few bug fixes. This is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page Bug fixes: – IMPORTANT BUG FIX FOR ORACLE INSTALLATIONS: Release 4.5.17800 had a schema … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.5 patch release (4.5.17900)”

  • Teamwork 4.5 released: a major free upgrade

    We are really happy to announce this major release update. As you may guess from the length of this announcement, this update will improve your Teamwork in almost every section, providing more modeling tools and functions. The web browsers’ enhanced capacities (in particular those of Firefox, Safari and Chrome) are used in depth to give … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.5 released: a major free upgrade”