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  • Teamwork is made with these books

    A blog post on the books in Open Lab: http://pietro.open-lab.com/2010/03/01/some-books-helpful-for-product-development-and-marketing/

  • Download Teamwork ready and running in a VMware

    Not all companies have Java expert IT admins. And even if they have, most companies don’t have time to spend in installing evaluation software. Well, a simple solution is to use online demos. But in the case of Teamwork, this can mean limiting the evaluation, as many IT-integration tasks cannot be carried through using the … Continue reading “Download Teamwork ready and running in a VMware”

  • Teamwork release 4.4.15100

    This is a minor release which includes some bug fixes. The most important ones are: – fixed bug in the issues import from csv – fixed bug in the new public page – no event created on issues added and no worklog   details shown – fixed bug on import projects form Basecamp You can download … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.4.15100”

  • Teamwork 4.4.0 available: public pages for tasks

    Teamwork 4.4.0 is released: download it here. We often get requests from customers and evaluators to give access to some Teamwork data to someone who does not log in Teamwork; data like status, progress and open issues on a project . Before this release, to do this you had two options: 1. set the customer … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.4.0 available: public pages for tasks”

  • Twproject philosophy: a short story

    There were once two brothers and a sister, and they were managers at three companies. The first brother was called Micro Manager, and he picked the most complex and integrated management tools, which were entrenched in the technical staff IDEs and into all their network activity, so that not a single line of code could … Continue reading “Twproject philosophy: a short story”

  • Doing better than the usual project management software?

    How can we improve Teamwork, and more in general, how can we help people and teams manage their work better and better? Teamwork today is a stable, well known and widely used application – its sales getting better every month. We are always improving it and searching for new ways to make it better. The … Continue reading “Doing better than the usual project management software?”

  • Teamwork release 4.3.14232

    This is a minor update but it includes two useful new features, also requested on the feedback service: – in task list the possibility to filter by the creator of the assignment, and not just by the assignees. This will work for new assignments. – cookies management to store user’s credential data in the web-browser. … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.3.14232”

  • Teamwork release 4.3.13260

    This is a minor release which includes some bug fixes. The most important one is the one for setting at the first start of the application the correct currency and date format according to the language chosen. You can download this release here; This release does not include schema changes.

  • Teamwork release 4.3.13250

    This new release includes some useful new features, the translation in Slovenian, and some bug fixes. Many of these fixes and features come from Teamwork users who, always help us improving the software, making Teamwork more usable and “comfortable”. In particular we should thanks Marko Vaupotic from the Skrasistemi for the Slovenian translation. Download this … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.3.13250”

  • More questions? More Answers!

    Today we put online a new support and Q&A’s site for Teamwork. Here it is: http://answers.twproject.com/ During this year we focused on improving communication with the Teamwork’s community, by getting more and more contributions from our customers and testers; for this reason we have tried to improve the way people can give us feedback. UserVoice … Continue reading “More questions? More Answers!”

  • Everybody contributes!

    One of the features appreciated by Teamwork users in contrast with other web applications for project management is that it is not exclusively oriented to technical users. For example, about 8% of Teamwork customers are software houses, and several of them migrated from bug-tracking oriented software to Teamwork, simply by realizing that there is more … Continue reading “Everybody contributes!”

  • Teamwork release 4.3.11360

    This patch release includes one major extension and one bugfix. The major extension is the support for PostgreSQL, we have in fact corrected a  known error in the Hibernate’s PostgreSQL dialect. You can read here for more details about this issue. Bug fix:  error in issue multi-line editor, adding a new assignee for the task … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.3.11360”