Save cost of interruptions with Luxafor

“Got a minute?”

How many times do you hear that phrase in your office? Interruptions are the most common reasons for low productivity and it is very hard to avoid them, lets’ say that, simply you can’t say no.

Here at Twproject we studied a lot about productivity, in order to help people boost it, staying organized and having everything under control but we suffer the same problem, there is nothing that helped us managing continuous interruptions.

“I’m an efficiency expert. Time, which is money, is a precious commodity that we can’t afford to waste.”

Work interruptions can cost you 6 hours a day. The Washington Posts

“You don’t just give up a minute. You sacrifice your energy, enthusiasm, and work enjoyment.”

The Hidden Costs Of Interruptions At Work. Fast Company

We are a small and enthusiastic team working in a big open space, working all on the same project. It comes natural to ask for others opinion quite often with the risk of wasting a lot of time. We tried with empathy communications, cards or posters and also with rude ultimatum without success and finally we found Luxafor.


Luxafor is a very stylish and useful productivity gadget, a led flag that you put on your computer to notify your colleague about your status. Red Flag? You are too busy to get interrupted. Green flag? Let’s have a chat. Simple isn’t it? Not just simple, smart!

Luxafor speaks with your productivity tool and can automatically get red when you are using them. It can also be managed manually so that you can change your status on your own. All of this through a really simple and friendly application that you can install on your Windows or Mac. We connected it with our development tool so that, while we are developing, we are not interrupted anymore (finally!).


Luxafor can be also customized to work in a notification mode, making the led flash when new emails or messages arrive.

Luxafor is available with the USB cable for connecting and recharging, you can also ask for your company logo engraved which is pretty amazing, we had our own with the Twproject hand impressed.

Since we started using Luxafor we have increased our productivity a lot, we are a really connected team and even with the red flag on we cannot avoid some interruptions but we are now aware of the problem and we try to respect people will.

Luxafor is shipped world wide and is approved by the Twproject team so stop wasting your time and order it now 🙂

If you want to have more info about our experience with Luxafor just write us at


Author: Twproject staff

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