Teamwork 4.1 (8735): worklog validation and many other improvements

Validate work done.
Validate work done.

Release 4.1 is now available and is a free upgrade for all users of version 4.0. Download it here; the installer will upgrade your web application and database schema.

This release main improvements:

Work log management
Work log can now be classified, verified, approved, billed, and moved: see the new section 8.5 of the user guide.

Subscription engine
Default subscriptions on roles: now on each roles for assignments one can set some default subscriptions.
Digest: a new “channel” on which on gets the main events for the project in which you are involved: see the news in section 4.4.

Subversion integration
Integration now supports also http and https, in addition to the SVN: protocol.

We have found a bug in saving custom filters: you may have to recreate your filters after update.

Many new small features:

Nicer task tree.
Nicer task tree.

File storages
– now the explorer permissions are inherited from the task; see the new section 10.5 of the user guide.
– role editor: made filestorage explorer r/w/c permission also local, so can be set at project level.
– added floating bars for actions

– new subscribable event: budget overflow

– among the bulk actions, “escalate gravity”
– in the list, any line allows to add worklog, not just the closed ones
– issue list by default are filtered by open tasks
– issue list shows notes

Work logging
– worklog list dates are editable
– now when there is out of scope worklog the corresponding task is always shown
– can temporarily add a task to the list in worklog list and register non planned worklog
– hourly costs for resource includes decimals
– worklog week is faster
– worklog print improved

Business processes
–    when a process is created, assignees are subscribed to it
– process driven tasks can be moved
– task created by process get subscribed

– you can now reset the dashboards to their default structure
– a sample direct SQL access portlet is now distributed

Agenda week
– week numbers are displayed

– classifications are copied in task cloning
– in the filters, the task “type” filter field, it supports writing by hand, partial matches, but not the full QBE
– project tree is nicer and has a more intuitive “create child” process

– improved layout in Chrome/Safari
– the label tool allows filtering for missing label per language
– filters say by task now accepts week intervals
– closing notes after one has been closed, several can be closed with one click
– designer supports currency
– dates support Current Week CW shortcuts and similar
– events generated by myself are by default now hidden to myself

– a new sample portlet with direct connection to the database
Horrible bugs
– saving a task tree deletes task types and notes
– JDK 6 compatibility – fixed

Minor bugs
– issue multi editor: find -> copy -> press refresh page size button -> boom
– custom filters are now saved correctly
– file storages pointing to files fail
– found horrible bug in Firefox… when downloading file with, name, PARAMETERS) with PARAMETERS it stops downloading
– agenda weekly events matching mistake
– add company bug fixed
– fixed encoding on worklog insertion, week and day
– some task statuses in tree did not appear
– iCal private events appeared as public
– new favicon is visible
– type of the company is not shown
– fixed encoding on agenda week
– search by phone number bug

Develop Teamwork plugins.
Develop Teamwork plugins.

Plugins development: on Teamwork web site you find a page deidicated to those that want to start developing plugins for/on top of Teamwork:

User requests: some of the requirements closed on the service:
–    Removal of a custom form after it was filled
– After a form was filled for a certain task it looks logical to have a possibility to have it removed if needed.
– Display week number in worklog, agenda
– Resources hourly cost to accept fractions
– Webcast: talk about Subversion integration
– Set up a matrix of default subscriptions
– Worklog approved, billed status
– Print the Gantt chart or export it completed

Author: Twproject staff

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