Teamwork release 4.1.9021

New business process wizard.
New business process wizard.

This is our weekly patch, which includes some new features and bug fixes. Download it here; the installer will upgrade your web application; the database schema is unchanged. Thank you to all users and plugin developers for the great feedback.

– the process creation wizard is more friendly, and there is better date handling in business processes instances
– sticky notes can now be “pushed” on top
– issue editable list: now the task and resource when clicked get the line to be editable

– each user access increases score
– all root pages go in history
– faster time counter portlet
– path to object includes currently edited task
– operator load is filterable by active task status

– technical: Teamwork startups by web xml now using ServletContextListener

– Google calendar – single events handled correctly
– IE7 close all sticky fixed
– Portuguese missing some labels
– new assignments from tree or from “add myself” now get the cost set from the resource
– worklog day recomputes difference from total on update
– link to area management active even if not admin
– fixed display of meeting in recent views
– fixed a security bug in filtering: project -> more-> nextmilestone

While going to a Teamwork Boot Camp in Geneve...
While going to a Teamwork Boot Camp in Geneve…

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