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Twproject facilitates user interaction and at the same time offers tools and tricks for the power user.

Languages, dates, currency

Twproject is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Chinese and Japanese. You can easily create and modify labels. Notice that also non-latin alphabets are supported. So also aesthetic and linguistic preferences can be satisfied. Moreover, dates and currency handling can be configured to adapt to your regional settings on a user basis.

Search anywhere from everywhere

The search field in the menu accepts a “prefix syntax” of search shortcuts: by default it searches in resources, t: searches in tasks, d: in documents, etc. . Notice how what you’ve written appears in the resulting filter, and can be further refined.


Any project can be used as template for any other. This holds for sub-trees, assignments, issues and more.

Cross links from any text

You can refer and link to any “entity” from any descriptive field. For example, you can link any task, resource or issue from any event in the agenda. You can link any other task from a project description or deliverable. Same from the issue description and so on.

Query by example (QBE)

The query by example search method offers an easy way to compose complex queries, by using operators in the search fields. Even date functions can be used in searches (and also saved in filters). A complete guide to QBE is linked from all search pages. Now filter by datecontrols support dates shortcuts.

Search and saveable filters

All filters can be saved, reused, refined. You can also define a default filter and order to be applied on accessing the search page. Notice also that all lists are paged, page size can be defined, applied immediately.

Delete preview

Deleting a task or a resource can have far reaching consequences; it is essential before proceeding to have a detailed picture of what we are eventually removing. Twproject provides an accurate and interactive feedback.

Worklog <-> agenda

You can move between worklog weekly view and the corresponding agenda week and meetings with one click. Hence you can evaluate resource availability.

Acting by e-mail

Not only agenda events can be added from Outlook, but also documents can be added to tasks by sending an e-mail, and resources created by sending a VCard. See the “manage by mail” video.

Additional fields on tasks, resources, assignments, issues, costs

By just giving labels to them, you enable additional fields on tasks, resources, assignments, issues, costs which can be used in search and filters.

Custom forms and prints

Twproject supports the creation of complete custom forms, which are automatically linked to projects and tasks, according to type. Example forms are provided. Additional prints, and actually any kind of wizard and page can be added quite easily.


Which number should I give to the next document? An easy protocol numbering system is included. You don’t need to keep counters in Microsoft Excel or in mind :-D.

Remember my choices

Whenever it makes sense, the interface automatically records the filtering options you chose. See a few examples.

Custom homes

Every user can customize the layout and content of her/his home page, with a simple drag and drop interface with an immediate preview of what will be obtained. With the help of your technical staff, you can easily build custom parts and integrate them in the homes. With the built in news management system, “company news” can be published in all home pages; the news archive constitutes a sort of “company history”.

History in short

For all objects (tasks, resources, issues, assignments, appointments …) you always see when they were created, by whom, who last modified them, in which area they belong; also from lists.

Compute in fields

You can use arithmetic expressions in numeric fields: the result of the computation will be saved. You don’t need to bring out the calculator (actually, there is one built in Twproject).

Shamelessly cheap

Well, it simply is the cheapest complete work management application ever.

Author: Twproject staff

Twproject is built by a small, solid and very efficient company. Its developers are ready to give support on the solution. Follow us for news, tips and updates.