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  • Teamwork weekly news: in Russian, in French and friendlier

    We are currently intensely working on release 4.2, which will be a free upgrade as usual. Some of the new features that will be included are translation in French in Russian (!, thank you Kostantine), maybe also Chinese, a new start page, a new feedback messaging system, an empowered meeting management. In the meantime we … Continue reading “Teamwork weekly news: in Russian, in French and friendlier”

  • Teamwork webcast #3

    In this webcast Silvia Chelazzi and Pietro Polsinelli take a look at the requests in the feedback service, which was launched together with Teamwork version 4. Completed, declined and open requests are examined. Also the connection between feature requests and Teamwork development is discussed, with a reference to this blog post. We’d be happy to … Continue reading “Teamwork webcast #3”

  • Twproject, MySQL and UTF-8

    This is a technical post about tand its databases. Many Twproject customers use MySQL as database for their data; Twproject as web application supports UTF-8, which means that you can insert data in practically any language; but of course to save such data you need support along the “entire trip”, so your database must support … Continue reading “Twproject, MySQL and UTF-8”

  • The future of Teamwork

    Well, first of all, does Teamwork have a future at all? Well, version 4 has now been out for almost 3 months, and it is been an outstanding commercial success, with a growth of about 400% with respect to the same 2008 period; in countries like Germany and Turkey our growth is really impressive, and … Continue reading “The future of Teamwork”

  • Teamwork release 4.1.9022

    Just two bug fixes: on issue save on SQL Server, and for the plan by resource page. Download it here; the installer will upgrade your web application; the database schema is unchanged.

  • Teamwork release 4.1.9021

    This is our weekly patch, which includes some new features and bug fixes. Download it here; the installer will upgrade your web application; the database schema is unchanged. Thank you to all users and plugin developers for the great feedback. Features – the process creation wizard is more friendly, and there is better date handling … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.1.9021”

  • Project management software evaluation, do it right!

    Evaluating Project Management software is a delicate matter, as it potentially involves changing deeply rooted companies’ habits; in general, this holds for all work management software. Being the subjects of such scrutiny, we experience that most companies fortunately take the right way right from the start, which is, trying the software, inserting in it some … Continue reading “Project management software evaluation, do it right!”

  • Oh no, not another Scrum tool!

    Image from Flickr – attributed following link. When we came back to Teamwork version 4 after reviewing some literature on agile methods, and in particular re-considering the Scrum perspective, it became progressively clearer that mapping Scrum ideas to this or that functionality of a software is inevitably a simplification and maybe even a betrayal of … Continue reading “Oh no, not another Scrum tool!”

  • Teamwork release 4.1.8848

    This is our weekly patch, just one feature and some little bug fixes. Download it here; the installer will upgrade your web application; the database schema is unchanged. Features – Operator load is filterable by active task status. Bugs – Fixed upgrade procedure to 4.1 – Fixed display of meeting in recent views – Fixed … Continue reading “Teamwork release 4.1.8848”

  • Installing Teamwork via console

    This is a post for Linux-console lovers. We have done a big effort to obtain a reliable and friendly graphical installer; but still we received several requests for detailed instructions for hand installations in a non graphical environment, as this is often where Teamwork gets installed when out of the evaluation phase. So we provide … Continue reading “Installing Teamwork via console”

  • Teamwork 4.1.8786

    A small patch release fixing enabling LDAP authentication; also some improvements in printing tasks, closing time counters and removed French as translation is not complete yet. Download it here.

  • Teamwork 4.1 (8735): worklog validation and many other improvements

    Release 4.1 is now available and is a free upgrade for all users of version 4.0. Download it here; the installer will upgrade your web application and database schema. This release main improvements: Work log management Work log can now be classified, verified, approved, billed, and moved: see the new section 8.5 of the user … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.1 (8735): worklog validation and many other improvements”