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  • Teamwork 4.0.8102 released

    This release contains: – a bug fix for data upgrade from 3 to 4 – a fix in getting Twitter logs in dashboards – a fix in task PDF snapshot generation

  • Teamwork 4.0.8063 released

    This is a functionally minor update. with some nice bug fixes. We’ve also updated the user guide. Features – Friendlier file storage editor – On shutdown HsqlDB files get optimized – Smarter full text search user “t:” shortcuts etc. – Check overwork runs only if estimation is >0. Bug fixes – Bug on full text … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.0.8063 released”

  • Upgrading from Teamwork 3 to 4: why and how

    If you are a user of Teamwork 3, you may now consider upgrading from 3 to 4. Why? Well, simply version 4 is Nicer – Faster – Friendlier – Wider.. This does remind of the Daft hands video 🙂 . To get more in detail, probably the best way is to have a look at … Continue reading “Upgrading from Teamwork 3 to 4: why and how”

  • Teamwork 4.0 released

    Download Teamwork 4. Today, 30th of January, 2009, Teamwork 4 is available for download. Get it here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page In the same page you can generate a 30 days evaluation license. The multi-platform installer includes an upgrader from version 3; you can buy both new and upgrade licenses here: http://www.twproject.com/licensing.page The base cost is 90 Euro … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.0 released”

  • Teamwork 4 in German – and in Spanish

    Really nice that Teamwork 4 will include a complete German translation of the interface (for an extended discussion of how Teamwork deals with language issues, see this previous post). By the way, Teamwork 4 will be out this Friday (Janaury 30th, 2009). P.S.: Also Spanish is almost done:

  • Attempts to manage work with social networks: Twitter limits

    One of the open discussions I’ve found wondering on the web is about people who try to manage their work with social networks. Since I’m a developer of a work management software and at the same time I’m social network addicted, I find this topic quite interesting. My first consideration is that social networks can … Continue reading “Attempts to manage work with social networks: Twitter limits”

  • Scrum tools: visually creating Sprints – a mockup

    In this post we refer to Scrum and Sprint, which are terms taken from the Scrum management methodology: see here for an introduction. Following Skype, Twitter and e-mail discussions with Rick Cogley, looking for example at Scrum-ban, we thought about how to improve the current Scrum module, creating a more “visual” interface for creating Sprints.  … Continue reading “Scrum tools: visually creating Sprints – a mockup”

  • How Teamwork is made with Teamwork

    The guys developing Teamwork are indeed using Teamwork for managing work. How we do that? Well, even in our small group, people have different functions and habits. We have two areas, production and accounting; inside prodution, there are people with different roles, and consequently see and use different data, to which the interface adapts seamlessly. … Continue reading “How Teamwork is made with Teamwork”

  • Teamwork and multilinguism

    Teamwork’s translation in German is almost ready, thanks to Koelnticket, in particular Andreas Nebinger (thank you Andreas!). Let’s see a bit in detail how we dealt in general with internationalization issues in Teamwork; actually this set of problems will have to be met by any sufficiently powerful web application. There are many senses in which … Continue reading “Teamwork and multilinguism”

  • Teamwork’s new blog!

    This blog is the continuation of this old one on Blogspot. As blogging has become an important mean of providing information and news on Teamwork and related methodologies and technologies, we moved the blog under Teamwork’s domain and began using a more powerful content manager (WordPress). Now some of the more recent and relevant content … Continue reading “Teamwork’s new blog!”