Twproject free online Gantt editor

Twproject’s team in its core developer instance (Roberto Bicchierai) has released a free online service for designing “Gantts” online, here:

Twproject Gantt site

This editor is a Gantt editor as for functionality, but it actually supports the more extended functionality of Twproject modeling, supporting task state management as distinct from dates management. Supports multi assignments, dependencies, drag&drop, zooming and much more.

Twproject Gantt editor

Technically it is an interesting solution because it runs completely on the client (the browser) and its built on jQuery, the most popular JavaScript framework. As JavaScript component it is free and can be used in any kind of project, thanks to its MIT license – just download it here.

Gantt editors reviewBefore developing this component we carefully researched the available online Gantt components – a review here:

The JavaScript Gantt odyssey

But in the end our requirements (like being built on jQuery) were not satisfied by any of the linked above, so we built our own.

A coming Twproject update will include the option to import such Gantts in Twproject, and also a built-in version of this complete and flexible editor.