Teamwork Webcast #2 – IT integration

teamworkWebcast#2In this webcast Silvia Chelazzi and Pietro Polsinelli (I’m the latter, posting this) talk about Teamwork and IT integration. We focus the talk on built-in integration with other technologies.We talk about Subversion, Twitter, LDAP, ICal / Google calendars / Outlook, POP3/s SMTP/s IMAP, Microsoft Project / Basecamp import / export, Google docs, PDF /Excel exports; so it is a bit long…

We don’t talk about how you may get to integrate technologies by yourself, maybe that will be a topic for a future talk.

See the webcast in our player here; or see it on Vimeo here.


References in and around the webcast: the IT integration part is documented on the web site here and here and in the user guide.

Notes on webcast #1 are here.