• Twproject 7.1.000

    Communication is an essential requirement within a team; that’s why in Twproject you can find many different features having this goal. Today we added an brand new one: the mentions! Twproject 7.1.000 includes also several security fixes and improvements. Mentions Nowadays, using constantly messaging applications, we got used to mentions, an efficient way to refer … Continue reading “Twproject 7.1.000”

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  • Best project management software in 2022

    If you’re looking for the best project management software, you’ve finally landed on the right list. Online you will find many lists like this one, but most of them always include the same software which, let’s face it, does not solve even 10% of all the problems that a project manager and more generally a … Continue reading “Best project management software in 2022”

  • the project management report

    The project management report

    The project management report is an essential document in project management. CONTENT What information should be included in a project management report? How to write a project management report Tips on how to write a project management report This document allows the project manager to document the start, ongoing and final stages of a project. … Continue reading “The project management report”

  • Measuring Project Progress

    There comes a time in the life of a project in which the PM will find himself having to answer the fateful question: “where are we?” At the dawn of my activity in this field, many years ago, the main purpose of the PM’s job was summed up by the creation of a huge Gantt … Continue reading “Measuring Project Progress”

  • Projects and workload: what you need to know

    In project management, evaluating the work load that insists over the resources shoulders plays a fundamental role for the project Happy Ending. In an ideal world where you work with infinite resources, projects are always in-time. In the real world, on the other hand, we often have to deal with teams simultaneously involved in multiple … Continue reading “Projects and workload: what you need to know”

  • project workflow

    Streamline project workflows

    It’s essential to streamline workflows on projects to be more productive and efficient. CONTENT What are workflows in projects? How to Streamline Project Workflows Streamlining workflows: Defining success factors Streamline workflows: Documenting workflow Streamlining workflows: Choosing a point person Simplifying workflows: Start small Streamline workflows: Choose a time interval In addition, by simplifying, chaotic situations … Continue reading “Streamline project workflows”

  • Motivate and monitor the use of a tool: user scores

    A project management software like Twproject, to be really effective, has to be used by all the team, so, how can we valuate if and how much the software is really used? The question is apparently simple, but it hides some pitfalls. Twproject is a PM software used by different user profiles: Project managers, Workers, … Continue reading “Motivate and monitor the use of a tool: user scores”

  • Project Workload

    Managing the project workload means assigning the right amount of tasks to each team member. On the surface, this would seem like an easy task, but it is one of the most critical tasks a project manager faces. Countless pitfalls hide behind the project workload, dangers that must be avoided at all costs if the … Continue reading “Project Workload”

  • project's calendar

    Project calendars

    Project calendars are a great way to share project timeline information with all team members. With that in mind, project planning calendars are a bit more complex than those you use in everyday life. Although their format is familiar, they include a much more comprehensive range of information. Let’s take a look at this article … Continue reading “Project calendars”

  • ToDo’s become adults?

    A “to-do list” is a primal yet powerful tool for organizing. We make lists for all occasions. You start as a child with the wish list for Santa Claus. You are growing up and your list becomes a shopping list,  a travel list or a documents list necessary to open a bank account. Even at … Continue reading “ToDo’s become adults?”

  • Kanban software for project management

    Kanban, is a Japanese words which means + or- sign or tag, it is part of a production organization method (called TPS) adopted in the 1950s at Toyota factories. In project management, the use of Kanban has become a real methodology that is perfectly reflected in the principles of the Agile Methodology. The Agile movement … Continue reading “Kanban software for project management”

  • project final outputs

    Final project outputs: how to get the best out of them

    Ensuring the final outputs of the project, can become challenging for a project manager, especially considering the many moving parts during the life cycle of a project and the many people involved. CONTENT What is a project output? Factors for getting the most out of final project outputs 1. Define outputs 2. Involve stakeholders 3. … Continue reading “Final project outputs: how to get the best out of them”

  • project initiation document

    The Project Initiation Document

    Often, producing a project initiation document may appear unnecessary when you have already received your client’s approval, completed your planning and secured your resources. CONTENT What is a project initiation document? How to create a project initiation document in 6 steps 1. Provide context 2. Define project parameters 3. Define specifications 4. Define your project … Continue reading “The Project Initiation Document”