Twproject Changelog


15 December 2021

  • CVE-2021-44228: the Log4j version used in Twproject is not affected by this vulnerability, but we released a patched library that solves CVE-2019-17571 and CVE-2017-5645


03 May 2021

  • Deletion log: added missing classes
  • Projects/tasks: new events generated on approaching start/end dates
  • Task logs is writeable with task_write permission only
  • Agenda: when multiple resources wiew active, administrator could see some private events detail
  • Worklog list: wrong permission check that lead to a read-only status editor
  • Plan: the max hours per day allowed is now configurable
  • Webhooks: logging moved from platform.log to jobs.log
  • Webhooks: in case of the endpoint response cose outside the 200-299 range throws an exeption and the message is rescheduled
  • Database schema: twk_taskrelation a missing index added
  • Issue planner: wrong totals fix
  • SQLServer: error in case of empty resultset
  • Time counters: odd behaviors starting a new counter with an already running one
  • Webhooks: do not close correctly the connection to the endpoint


03 March 2021

  • Gantt: expired tasks highlighted in red
  • Date fields: support for “This year” (TY) shortcut has been added
  • Additional cost list: ordering by classification enabled
  • Remote file storage: once the allowed path is removed by administrator, existing links continue to work
  • Login action: runtime error in case of invalid login cookie
  • Email message dispatcher job: StaleStateException caused by single db transaction has been solved
  • Orphan killer job: fixed error on MySQL case
  • API: ISSUE_CLOSE was not managed correctly


25 January 2021

  • API: commani info added to retrieve logged operator data
  • API: api key generation enabled for every user
  • API: api key is visible only once when generated
  • Agenda: issue solved for last event recurrence in case of different timezone
  • Data history builder: generates records in case of status changes only
  • Issue list: error on filtering for due date; shoul ignore when data is not set


3 December 2020

  • Additional cost filter by task code, task custom fields and budget bustom fields
  • Issue comments can be now added when user has issue_read permission
  • API: parentId added on Company/person save/update commands
  • Project import and Gantt save speed has been increased more than 20x
  • Customized logo can be specified on standard iReport reports
  • Issues: save worklog on issue with very long description do not work
  • Full text index locked when performing a complete reindex
  • Custom field and custom excel saving very long definition crash


17 November 2020

  • SEVERE: Area managers of area A can modify resources of area B by altering request parameters.
    Affects multi-area installation only.
    Thanks to Maheshkumar Darji from Bulwarkers Websecurity for reporting it
  • Assignment data history do not record correctly the dates
  • Full text indexing: feedback enhanced in case of errors


05 November 2020

  • Portfolio editing even with dependencies
  • Task Filter by intersecting Period
  • Gantt do not shrink in case of milestones


03 November 2020

  • Login using cookies ignores user enabled flag
  • Gantt shrink button enabled
  • Issue assignment notification channel configurable using roles
  • Cost list: added filter by classification
  • Project summary widget: task order by name
  • vCard error 404
  • API: update person do not work
  • API: update person, reset AD data
  • Operator load: last day of inspection period was excluded
  • Webhook: missing endpoints for “issue_close” and “issue_assigned”


23 September 2020

  • DB migration supports for SQLServer as destination
  • Upload image fast-fast-faster
  • Documentation: a better layout for class inspection
  • Worklog list shows week number
  • Meeting minuta lost formatting
  • API: webhook was deleted from orphanKiller
  • Chrome 83: fix for iframes with empty src (several popop)
  • Custom fields: very long definitions was not supported


08 June 2020

  • DB migration supports for SQLServer as destination
  • Upload file button restored on issue fill editor
  • Pop3/SMTP test error message improved
  • Expired task closer better check on dates
  • New CA Root certificates added on distributed jre. Affects only Twproject servers set-up using the UI installer


09 April 2020

  • Import from MS Project: auto-detect of version and XML import
  • SVN remote file: now supports not standard ports in url
  • Labels: html tags are now preserved on labels


26 February 2020

  • Issue filter. Is now possible to filter all open/closed statuses at once
  • Add document popup is now larger
  • Links on descriptions now are well wrapped
  • Html editor: now accept .local and .corp domain names on urls
  • Dates input: far past dates are now allowed (-1000 +1000 years)
  • Textarea: autosize works better on resource editor
  • Worklog editor enlarged
  • Export Excel: internationalization library (I18n) included on import for BSH
  • Custom reports: report scan at startup now search on report, report/task, report/issue, report/resource/report worklog folders only
  • Ajax controllers errors was not reported on platform.log in detail
  • API: in case of a controller error in some cases the transaction do not roll-back correctly saving invalid/incomplete data.
    Security errors was managed correctly and are not affected by this issue.
  • Task change status: closing a parent with two or more children depending each others fails
  • Gantt: in some cases with long html-like descriptions the html sanitizer break
  • Operator load for routinary projects show also out-of-scope days
  • Operator load do not shows work done if there was no estimation
  • Issue list: dragging file/s on a not-yet-saved issue do not work
  • API: resource tags was not saved
  • API: expenses/additional costs classification id wrongly named
  • API: task find for project/task do not work
  • Logo on print was not visible
  • Task progress: progress by worklog rounding error
  • Time counter closer job: do not work well in case of flat working hours
  • Expired task closer: throws error in case of negative values


16 December 2019

  • Workgroup: new layout and filter by department added
  • Dashboard: the new widget “Project summary by Customer” is now available
  • Additional cost list: link to entities improved
  • Worklog customization: label enhanced
  • Task: check that start date is on a working day
  • Issue attachments: in case of multiple files the last one only is saved
  • Issue: bulk close do not work
  • SMTP/s send message: in case of error, the Transport object was not closed correctly (it could lead to memory leaks?)
  • TWSocketManager: log volume reduced
  • Excel export: after the excel export a click on saved filter generates an error
  • Schema upgrade: version 6.5.65001 fails on SQLServer 2016
  • Password generator: safer generation in case of url “keys” (invalid chars removed)
  • API: do not save hourly cost
  • Gantt: double click on save button duplicates new rows
  • Meeting minute: editor do not work (plugin missing)


05 November 2019

  • A resource “manager” could mistakenly create issues on every project/task where the managed resource was assigned when the “issue read” permission is enabled on “manager” system role


29 October 2019

  • Gantt: new zoom level month/week
  • API: addComment on issue functionality added
  • Resource: work plan is now inherited from department if not defined on resource
  • Gantt: new grid layout on screen and pdf
  • Gantt: better sizing in case of long task names
  • Customers should not insert worklog or expenses
  • Timesheet: should be possible to insert work done on projects that are in late but still active
  • User password change required when password is reset by admin
  • Lookup editors: additional security check at page level
  • Gantt & Operator load: fixed discrepancy between the values
  • Timesheet: “do not accept old worklog” stronger check applied
  • De-normalized data: a very remote bug can affect the denormalization of statistical data on the very first projects created
  • Labels: html sanitization removed as in some cases lables contains js and not-accepted html tag


18 September 2019

  • Project progress check bars on Gantt and pdf
  • Agenda: event type added on micro editor
  • Agenda: when I add an external calendar on my profile, this calendar should not be visible when I’m not selected
  • Custom fields: help improved for “searchAll” parameter
  • Multiple security areas: removing all roles from a user will become possible to select roles from every area
  • Issue list: tags field misplaced on editor
  • Sticky notes: “close all” feature fixed
  • Agenda: clicking on an external event crashes


26 July 2019

  • Task new: if the logged user has double quote on the name generate a js error
  • Pagination: wrong behavior
  • Plan: in case of hidden assignments, the activity description is transparent
  • Issue editor: changing the task causes the status change
  • Gantt: error printing in pdf if a milestone is set
  • Updater: division by 0 error on startup </li


10 July 2019

  • A new widget showing my team work load
  • A new widget showing issues on assignments
  • Agenda: can add a new event with several attendees without changing the current view
  • Attendance overview: a new tool for checking your resources’ work
  • Agenda: event types supports a “unavailable” flag
  • File storages: you can automatically create a link from your project tree to a remote directory tree
  • Agenda: layout improvement in case of short event with several attendees
  • Task: assignment list must show the full path
  • Task list: speed improvement
  • Task: add child now guess the best start date
  • Task costs: customers are now excluded from the list
  • Gantt: task editor layout is the same of the full version
  • Gantt: resource selector allows to filter by tag
  • Gantt: PDF export with alternate background for a better view
  • Gantt: now the view is tighter showing less blank leading and ending spaces
  • Issue: worklog list now shows the resource
  • Issue overview: shows as expired issues on expired tasks
  • Issue list: shows creation date on row mouse over
  • Dialogs: better behavior on closing
  • Add assignments: task dates are now visible in popup
  • Operator load: faster!
  • Resource: editor do not shows area if only one is available
  • Search: when searching from menu the result pagination do not work correctly
  • Worklog: use Ctrl+Enter to save using keyboard
  • Resource: avatar generated by default with name and surname initials.
  • Several labels and system messages refined
  • XSS: every input is now sanitized
  • Task: I’m assigned on task “a” as PM. If a.1 is expired I cannot list it neatherless I have the permissions
  • API: Webhooks not notified when changes occurs on a just created task
  • Task: automatic progress should be computed even if the status is in waiting state
  • Time counter slim: fix on firefox
  • Time counter slim: do not allow to delete the worklog just created
  • Issue: statuses and security area fix
  • Issue: creation from email do not work with imaps protocol
  • Issue: logs list shows wrong date/hour
  • Document: error editing the document’ author
  • Agenda: long events do not preserve attendees
  • Gantt: task full edit do not alert for changed data
  • Gantt: some zoom scales work badly
  • Document: write text error on plugin
  • Portfolio: excel export do not work


4 March 2019

  • New widget “Issue summary” that shows the overall information on your/all open issues.
  • Create form template and clone: now it is possible to set the new desired “start date” or “end date”
  • API: agenda event management added
  • Change password, now you can see the password. No password retype
  • Agenda meeting: can be set as “personal”. In this case othe attendees anly can see it
  • Buttons: now buttons get focus so that can be used with keyboard
  • Plan and operator load: “routinary” activities are now included
  • Issue list: issue creation date is visible on roll-over
  • Issue: issus of exiped task are now considered expired as well
  • Timesheet: can be, partially, used with keyboard
  • Password strength check added
  • If “password expires” flag was set and password expires you cannot log anymore
  • Task overview: the document list on right side was filled even if the user as no document read permission (but cannot open it)
  • Issue state and area must match on list, actions and bulk operations
  • Gantt: operator load is update one time only
  • Agenda meeting: printing the numbered list was not visible
  • Task clone: strange behavior if you change “use unique codes” once you have used “task clone” function
  • Public page: error on the project statistics part
  • New resource from combo: NPE was rised if the name is not set
  • Issue full editor: to be don date field was not using the task boundaries
  • API: task log do not work with Oracle 11
  • API: creationDate, creator, lastModified, modifier was set badly when API is used with API key
  • My Activity widget: removed
  • Labels: several labels improved
  • Login: pending url. Redirect to the desired page now works also when chat is active
  • Full text editor: several small improvement


19 January 2019

  • New rich html editor for messages, notes and meeting minute
  • Repository: a new type has been created in order to place documents in sub-folders by year/month/day
  • Project health: a new bar has been created on task overview page to compare progress and time
  • Customer’s resources are now excluded from workgroup
  • Issue filter: “assigned to” filter is now pre-loaded with your team
  • Worklog analysis: filter by task code has been enabled
  • Chat attachments are now full text indexed
  • Document list: search fur sub-task enabled
  • To-do portlet: text selection has been enabled
  • Assignment editor: link to resources has been restored
  • Hints: skip hint by default clicking everywhere
  • PostgreSQL 11 supported
  • Area in lookups is checked against to the one assigned to the operator
  • When password expires, login is not possible anymore
  • Supervisor portlet: print do not work
  • Portfolio: do not support sort by dates
  • Task clone: do not support add new type
  • Sticky notes received: edit has been removed
  • Public page: fix on customer ticket list


15 November 2018

  • Issue related portlets: link to task enabled
  • Issues statuses: separated by security area
  • Issue editor: link to task restored
  • Reset password improved
  • Hints redesigned
  • Task cost: values in red if greater then estimated
  • Task progress computation default set to “children weighted”
  • Task delete error (bug introduced on build 65000)
  • Merge issue: attached files are preserved
  • Google calendar import fixed


05 November 2018

  • Project and Task updates: a new way to keep informed
  • A new portlet “project updates” available
  • Task: lastStatusChangeDate field has been introduced
  • Gantt: critical path improved
  • Gantt: tags on extended editor
  • Gantt PDF: critical path printed when active
  • Issue to Task: cross link inserted on issue logs and task logs
  • Task add child: by default the child start date is today when possible
  • Issue and task logs: newer on top
  • Meeting: issues created during a meeting keep a link to the meeting and vice-versa
  • Issue status: is now possible to separate them by area
  • Worklog/Expense status: is now possible to separate them by area
  • Mobile: task editor fixed
  • Issue editor: last day of task period was excluded from issue dates
  • Task status: failing a parent do not means that already closed children will fail as well
  • Meeting log: html formatting get lost
  • Meeting log: when full-screen issue creation do not work fairly
  • Meeting: do not support UTF-8 on issue creation
  • Task copy: color is not copied
  • Chat: if no permission on company department crashes
  • Public page: Gantt widget do not work
  • Agenda search: error when an “area manager” opens workgroup
  • Task move: improved error feedback in case of invalid operations
  • Issue comment: permissions too restrictive for comments add


03 September 2018

  • Create new project from template button added
  • Document list: filter for latest revision added
  • Document list: multiple documents download as zip
  • Operator load: the load generated by routine activities is now considered as “ideal” (not worked hours are not accumulated on the remaining days)
  • Resource work settings: it is now possible to define a flat working capacity as well as a weekly plan
  • Task clone: new assignments are now notified only if the dates are really close
  • Assignment notification: is now possible to define the preferred notification media using the role definition
  • A new event TASK-STARTS is now raised and will be notified to TASK_MILESTONE_CLOSER subscribers
  • Twproject links: now supports ctrl+click in order to open the link in a new page
  • Project public page: gantt print fixed
  • When “navigate to tree top” is off, if you are editing a child from gantt editor, you get an error enlarging dates even if you has permissions on parent
  • Gantt: activating a “undefined” project, the status do not propagate correctly the “waiting” status
  • Issue history: new records are created when not necessary reporting a date change
  • Task discussion: since the last update, text formatting in the diaries no longer works.
  • Task dates: moving a sub-task on past, the parent pan in the past, but other child task must keep the same dates


25 June 2018

  • Cross-link plan-operator load
  • Workgroup composer tag search enabled
  • Gantt with shrink parent option active in some cases badly alerts for not existing constraints
  • Copy project with shrink parent option active do not set the new date


11 June 2018

  • Resource operating hours configuration
  • Gantt full pdf export
  • Project progress automation
  • Can close task rule customizable
  • Issue history: rescheduling is now logged
  • Time counter are now closed respecting operating hours
  • Resource list shows organization path (company/department/office/ etc.)
  • Task dates: not-working dates cannot be selected
  • Operator: all options editor in popup
  • Agenda: operating hours are visible in background
  • Several low security issues (mainly XSS)
  • Task type: new types cannot be added from combo
  • Issue attachments: in case of encrypted repository, attached files cannot be read
  • Database schema: unique indexes are not created
  • Login: the first time login page is displayed, the login name field is marker as error
  • Gantt excel export: rounding problem on end dates


10 May 2018

  • New Twproject API
  • Webhooks
  • Created viewport for Ipad
  • Low Severity Security fix: XSS within some interface input
  • High Severity Security fix: readable pages through module include
  • Task move wrong status change
  • Issue drag blocked if in edit mode
  • Document list: with broken links the list was broken too


9 April 2018

  • highlighting active timecounter row in the assignments list
  • Chat layout actions for images css/li>
  • RepairDependency tool
  • Better notification number scalability
  • Better style for uploads in chat
  • Chat: project’s chat startup simplified
  • Key controls were active also if the gallery was closed (spacebar opened new tab)
  • Opening chat with images does not point in the right place
  • Calendar box positioning in issue Editor simplified


3 April 2018

  • A new task editor, more flexible and easy to use. Edit and delete button moved to the header
  • Chat: now supports attachments
  • Issues: image gallery with scroll and zoom
  • Gantt: security check was too tight disabling the “save” button when a user owns read permission on top project,
    but r/w on a subtask
  • A new object, TaskRelation, allows to filter performantly a project with all sub-tasks.
    This finally make possible to Project Managers filtering elements (issue, worklog, cost, expenses) of every sub-task directly
  • A new parameter “Project manager” has been introduced on lists (issue, task, worklog, expenses, additional costs) in order to extract elements managed where the selected PM is involved
  • The new TaskRelation allows to filter all issues of customer X where the project manager Y is responsible
  • Task overview page: new UI
  • Link widget: new layout
  • Chat: project’s chat startup simplified
  • Resource editor: issues and assignments tabs removed
  • Resource editor: profile image editable from every tab
  • Kanban: issues zoom shows task full path (if enabled on settings)
  • Notification: issue added message refined
  • Jasper report integration: do not work caused by library update
  • Gantt full editor: not visible in full-screen
  • Gantt full editor: add one day selecting the end date
  • Issue filter: query-by-example on external requester do not support “!()” (not-empty)
  • Query for “customer” (on issue, task, worklog, additiona costs, expenses) could produce wrong results in case of low task id
  • Custom fields: do not respect the limit of 255 chars. It could generate db errors
  • Task export in XML was broken
  • Task new editor: multiple clicks on save button creates multiple projects
  • Worklog editor: multiple clicks on save button creates multiple entries
  • BudgetOverflowChecker job: error on Oracle DB


8 March 2018

  • Issue/activity list: multiple image attachment are visualized using gallery
  • Issue/activity: pasting an image/document from clipboard will include a link into the description
  • Chat: you can now create an issue/activity with a simplified editor
  • Kanban: columns are now sortable using drag and drop
  • Short link to document is now supported with the syntax D#doc CODE/ID/NAME#
  • Project/task: automatic parent shrink behavior added.
    When active a project/task will take the duration of its children
  • Project overview: edit and delete more visible
  • Resource list: “recently viewed” filter is removed after the first use
  • Operator load: the load compute has been refined to better “spread” remaining hours in case of planned issues/plan
  • Twproject main menu bar resized
  • Twporject socket automatic re-connection. No more “connection lost” messages
  • Change status buttons improved
  • Task import/export MSP. Libraries upgraded
  • Timesheet: input form closes once saved
  • Dayligh timesheet widget uses custom fields if configured
  • Project color used wherever possible
  • Chat: better layout
  • My issues widget: show comments
  • Excel export: full support for 2016 version
  • Task import from JSON: import tags too
  • Tag input: better layout
  • Public page: supports on-the-fly search on issue list
  • Public page: a new option to show issue custom fields
  • Public page: a new option to show issue comments
  • Project additional costs: custom field filter is not working
  • Resource plan; text overlaps: broken css
  • Chat: first comment on chat is not visible
  • Project portfolio: indent/outdent buttons should be hidden
  • Chat: delete chat must work for administrators too
  • Gantt: today line is no longer visible; restored
  • Issue list: bulk change tag: replace do not work
  • Numeric fields: better control when users insert bad decimal separator or grouping
  • Gantt: must forbid to duplicate dependencies
  • File download: MAC changes file extension
  • File download: better support for non-ANSI filenames
  • Resource editor: link disabled when creating a new resource
  • Time counters: in some cases do not save work done
  • Project history slider: do not move label correctly


31 January 2018

  • New Chat included – chat by user group and project’s chat
  • Desktop notification enabled for users running on https(link)
  • Gantt Baseline Slider included – check your task gantt in time with a slider
  • Resource editor: change password functionality
  • Installer: added new Dialect for MySQL higher than 5.6.24
  • Library: new HSQL DB Library
  • Headline: new box for issues to be closed today
  • Task: created a new status for suspended task different from suspended by dependencies(now called waiting)
  • Task: new task status suspended does not alert on milestone – expirydate and it is not counted in operator load
  • Task:task status color customization
  • Layout: pages now have new perfect scrollabar
  • Task List:new filter for just active assignments
  • Notification: notification of same time arriving togheter are collapsed in a message only
  • Dashboard: new webpart showing your load for today
  • Gantt: Gantt responsiveness improved
  • Public page: Gantt tab not working
  • Worklog approval: checkbox do not open bulk actions
  • Layout: head scroll
  • Plan: error on load after entry
  • Assignment priority: error on Administrator
  • Layout: Browser back worked with 2 clicks
  • Task Copy: editor error when creating a task with existing code


20 October 2017

  • Task types: on list pages multi-selection is now supported
  • When a new resource is created on-the-fly the password is randomly generated
  • Gantt: security has been refined to manage cases where users has only limited permissions on root
  • Delete preview: feedback error improved
  • Gantt: dependency handle are now easy to be select as well as the resize handles
  • Gantt: double click to open the extended editor
  • Gantt: click return to confirm a field value
  • Gantt: zoom scales has been refined
  • Issue: requester and assignee can be created on-the-fly directly from drop-down
  • Issue: new on-the-fly assignment creation is alerted
  • Date input fields: a range of -20 +30 years has been set in order to limit wrong insertion
  • LDAP check: a better tool to check
  • Agenda: the current day was highlighted badly if language is set to American
  • Gantt: alignment and strange fade of headers issues
  • Customizations: system search custom css stylesheet everywhere instead of on “…./customers/company_name/css” folder only
  • List filters: when e filter component is removed and then iserted again, it seems filled but it is not
  • Task clone: notifications are sent to the wrong (old) task
  • Task clone: issues without to-be-done date set are not cloned
  • Worklog approval: do not save description changes
  • Timesheet: totals are not refreshed if the page is long and scrolled
  • Resource: click on avatar from assignment list causes 404
  • Delete: in case of deleting a task with multiple children, with the flag “unlink” the first only is moved and the task is not removed at all
  • Counters: cannot delete row
  • Mobile: resource view do not scroll on Android
  • Resource editor: when everything is disabled the “manager” field is open


06 September 2017

  • Worklog: resource can move its own worklog within two assignments
  • Database: new HSQLDB library released
  • Issue List: resolved empty list for not assigned issues


24 July 2017

  • Assignments:add bulk functionality on workgroup
  • Agenda: size reduced, more hours are now visible
  • Resource: user cannot disable her own user
  • Reports: excel reports works on list filtering
  • Security: Resource manage not extended from Myself
  • Portfolio: cannot move tasks with milestone
  • Plan: header woks fine scrolling
  • Gantt: headbar works fine with deep tasks


30 June 2017

  • Security: a new permission “project can create” has been added. It allows to create root projects. The existing “task can create” allow to create sub-task only
  • Security: a new permission “task can create” has been added. It allows to delete projects/tasks
  • Security: a new permission “task can change status” has been added. It allows to change the status of a task (even without the “task write” permission)
  • Security: a new permission “issue can create” has been added. It allows to delete issues
  • Security: a new permission “issue can change status” has been added. It allows to change issue status (even without the “issue write” permission)
  • Security: a new set of permissions has been created to delete tasks, issues, resources, documents
  • Security: “(Manager)” role has been introduced. Permissions set on this role will define what a manager can do on managed resources
  • Security: “(Myself)” role has been introduced. Permissions set on this role will define what a resource can do on its related objects
  • Issue editor: “to be done on” date field is restricted to the task dates
  • Task list: changing status has been enabled directly from the task list
  • Performance: a permission cache has been created. It retains security test for a while and can increase performance drastically. A control panel has been added on the administration page
  • It is now possible to set a color for each task. If color is set to the parent, it is inherited. This feature can be opt-out. Available for filtering too. On Gantt editor, with a new buttons is possible to switch from status color to task color
  • Delete log. When an object is deleted, a log containing a json version of the object is created reporting the date/time and the deleted data
  • Agenda: size reduced, more hours are now visible
  • Agenda: recurrent appointments are now marked
  • Gantt: full screen button added
  • Issue notes: a note can be now deleted from who inserted it if there is no answer
  • Issue notes: text line break has been improved
  • Task list: a new filter has been added: “task of project”, that select all sub task of the given project/task
  • Error messages: in case of multiple errors only one digest message is created
  • Combos: case insensitive support even on case-sensitive databases
  • Email downloader: wrong permission check to create document: “task can write” instead of “document can create”
  • To-Do: sort with drag&drop fixed
  • Plan: notes editor improved
  • Kanban: d&d fixed on firefox
  • Gantt: cannot delete dependencies
  • Gantt: progress is always enable even if it should be read-only
  • Ticket by email: text extraction improved
  • List pages: changing page the window now correctly scroll to top
  • Task list: inserting “*” on milestone filter crash
  • Issue delete: when an issue with worklog done is deleted, the work done is kept (instead of deleted)
  • Schedule manager: clicking on “update” if the scheduler is stopped lead to NPE
  • Mobile: expenses fixed
  • Mobile: combo selectors improved for different resolutions/models/operating system
  • A new color chooser has been introduced
  • Issues related portlet: smart link not active
  • Hibernate paging: native scrolling is now used for every database. It is an improvement for Oracle and Postgresql users
  • Modal dialogs: the “step” effect has been removed; now is more smooth
  • Adding worklog on a task containing an apex lead to a js error
  • Adding expenses on a task containing an apex lead to a js error


12 may 2017

  • Custom form master-detail supports now block view (additional to tableView)
  • Custom form fulfill notification
  • Fast search scroll
  • Issue clone on task where duplicated on the same project
  • Issue list did not shows those assigned on department
  • Issue editor did not ask for worklog or notes
  • Issue Email Downloader added line break in issues description


28 April 2017

  • Operator load: a new load computation enabled. With a checkbox the work done so far is ignored so the plan show the “ideal” load.
  • Plan: support of sub-task view
  • Issue list: bulk copy to a new project
  • Custom form: compilation is notified
  • Gantt: collapse/expand all branches
  • Record expense button “$+” added on task wherever is meaningful
  • Plan: spaces optimized
  • Plan: operator load detail less invasive
  • Plan: notes inserted are immediately visible
  • Plan by task: go to today or project start if a date is not specified
  • Gantt: add issue enabled
  • Gantt: contextual menu added for each row
  • Gantt: add below add a child or a brother depending on context
  • Gantt: critical path highlight dependencies too
  • Gantt: remember columns size
  • Document list: now supports “hide empty” when in “show children” mode
  • Time sheet: keyboard movement enabled after saving a cell
  • General search: remove the strange prefixes T: I: etc.
  • Create structure: button removed from menus
  • In-place search activated on resource subscriptions
  • Import from MSProject: set correctly the task code
  • Create from template: now you can set name and code
  • Operator load hidden for company
  • Task subscriptions: disabled if inherited from a parent
  • Task assignment list: work overflow enhanced
  • Some java library updated
  • Some labels improved
  • Cleanup
  • Issue/Expenses/Costs: if user has permission on one issue/expense/cost it could force Twproject to delete any document in the repository once the attachment id is discovered.
  • Work done counter on tasks is not correctly updated when moving tasks
  • Work done counter on tasks is not correctly updated when moving assignments
  • Timesheet: wrong date when server timezone and client timezone are different
  • Time counter: action input fixed
  • Gantt: wrong week-of-year displayed. Now ISO 8601 compatible
  • Gantt: error on indent/outdent/move on new rows if no name set
  • Gantt: add child, if not name is set collapse button is visible anyway
  • Issue counter on tasks is not correctly updated when moving tasks
  • Issue list: bulk tag add do not separate tags correctly
  • Issue list: paste on description field supports also images (as attachment)
  • Project costs: save budget button not visible when no assignments defined
  • Task list and issue list: on Oracle searching for name/description may leads to sql errors
  • Plan: work planned using issue is mixed/confused with the one inserted with plan and so is editable
  • Project/task editor: work-group is not show if task has no assignments, but children yes


16 March 2017

  • A brand new MOBILE version
  • Free version and license levels supported
  • My inbox: a new webpart to manage documents sent to Twproject
  • Cut and paste images as attachment on issues
  • Ticket by email close loop: now email checks and includes headers for manage automatic replies
  • A new designed administration page
  • Task list print: prints custom fields too
  • Issue list print: prints custom fields too
  • A new event is rised when a task is not started due its dependencies
  • Save filter: easier to modify selected filetr
  • Fulltext search improved
  • File storages edit from the tools page
  • Admin: email configuration with integrated tests
  • Drag&drop fixed on iPad
  • Project list print duplicate headers
  • Gantt: progress must be a number
  • Gantt: do not check unique codes for tasks
  • Gantt full editor: moving with ctrl+arrows move underneath tasks
  • Resource editor: send message is not pre-filled
  • Resource: clicking on worklog approval shows the one of the logged instead of the on of the selected resource
  • Operator load: if there are invalid worklog in the far far past crashes
  • Plan print, some parts are missing
  • Plan when scrolling down, going up the detail popup remain closed
  • Add issue from Kanban NPE
  • SVG files icon is missing
  • Sometime Twproject do not complete the schema upgrade and rest in “upgrading” state. In this case “lastChangeDate” is not set and this causes several issues
  • Job editor: invalid end dates displayed


2 December 2016

  • Notification: duplicated messages will be now removed.
  • Notification: full task path visible on messages.
  • Timesheet: movement with cursor keys is now enabled.
  • Task editors: full task path is now visible (if this feature is ON).
  • New License: from this release on a new format of license is supported. Info on license status improved.
  • Login: captcha can be enabled after “n” login failures.
  • Assignment list: supports on-the-fly filtering.
  • German language: several labels reviewed (thanks to Tobias Schoeck – HORNBACH).
  • Performance: saving tasks with lots of assignments has been optimized.
  • Performance: large project gantt save has been improved.
  • Permissions: explained that *_can_create allows to delete.
  • Smart combos: default number of rows is configurable.
  • Uploader: works fine with IE11 and Edge too.
  • Timesheet: total hours worked per week has been added.
  • Document editor: author can now be chosen from a dropdown.
  • Sticky note: a new administrator management page added.
  • Plan: some small UI improvement.
  • Labels: several changes.
  • MS Project import, time is note reset and could cause strange behavior near the daylight-saving changes.
  • Gantt: if more than 100 children on a task the order is not preserved.
  • Connection pooling: Proxool has been removed in distribution. C3p0 is used instead.
  • Portfolio: dynamic operator load is not displayed.
  • Portfolio: do not ask for comments on changes.
  • Gantt: unchanged task are untouched when saving.
  • Project print: keep tabset.
  • Discussion: cannot add new discussion if one is already there.
  • Timesheet: error on Spanish data format.
  • AD/LDAP import: if no name/surname set a default one will be generated from loginname.
  • Gantt: gantt: fix for “a” -> “b” -> “c” “a”,”b” completed “c” active. Adding lag on “c”, “b” is re-open.
  • Copy a task: do not set dates correctly


13 October 2016

  • Documents: editors and list has been re-designed with a new UI.
  • Documents: added support for Google docs, and other online services with the new “link” type.
  • Messages: when a message is sent to a workgroup working on a task, the message is attached as document too.
  • Documents: bulk operation to move a document from task and resources.
  • Documents: bulk add tags.
  • Time sheets: the input form has been re-designed with a new UI.
  • Gantt: ask for comments when saving the project. Comments are visible in the project “logs”.
  • Expenses: approval row-by-row on expenses page enabled.
  • Kanban: a separate scroll for each column allow to manage easily different sized columns.
  • Gantt: export to Excel enabled
  • Manage by e-mail: just send a message to Twproject in order to create a document on your user, then move it to the right place (e.g: a project).
  • Murphy’s law widget added.
  • Java version: Twproject is now compatible with JDK 1.8.
  • Resource editor: email, phone etc. open and visible by default.
  • Custom forms: save and clear refined.
  • Custom form: a check has been added to identify at glance the ones has been filled.
  • Issue editor full: saving save comments too.
  • Import from MSProject: task status is computed basing on progress instead of dates.
  • Workgroup: now the complete workgroup is shown on project and departments.
  • Task cost: saving a new cost, the new row is highlighted.
  • Worklog editor: full support for custom fields in case of “isVisibleIf” implementation.
  • Assignment editor: creation and change data available on button bar.
  • Task name and code expand as possible on lists in order to see as much chars as possible.
  • Resource: add profile image available only for saved resources.
  • JES: Java Email Server control panel enabled. (for hosted solutions)
  • Some missing images created.
  • Several labels improved.
  • Agenda: some discrepancies fixed. Now administrators cannot see private events, but can remove them. Admins can edit public events only.
  • Dashboard: a wrong security check on ADD button leads to error pages.
  • Boards: wrong security checks in case a new board creation.
  • Add issue widget: once an issue is created, message field is marked red even if no error.
  • Gantt: cannot close a task when a dependent task is sub task of task with ope dependency.
  • Gantt: indenting a task with dependencies do not enlarge parent.
  • Gantt: indenting a task with dependencies to parent’s predecessor causes infinite loop.
  • Operator load: there was discrepancy on operator load page values and the assignment page.
  • Operator load: task with worklog inserted on task in undefined status before start date are skipped.
  • Create resource buttons hidden if no permissions.
  • Task costs: on additional task cost there was a wrong calculation with Italian thousands separators.
  • Gantt: if 100% on close feature is enabled, closing a tree update the progress on the whole tree.
  • Task priority: value of priority on assignment editor is not updated correctly.
  • Event/Subscriptions: if a sub-task is in work overflow, events are risen on every Gantt changes.
  • My issue widget: status changes are not displayed correctly.
  • Issue export in Excel: incorrect columns at the end removed.
  • Task copy: cannot copy task with milestones. Now milestones are not re-created.
  • Workgroup: pages with the manual workgroup composer (e.g.: plan, time sheets overview, operator load etc.) can be now bookmarked preserving the group set.
  • Operator: cannot remove an user if there was pages customized.
  • Uploader: on IE and Edge flickering removed
  • Mobile: selector are too small on iPhone


26 August 2016

  • Custom fields definition: a new easy-to-use editor
  • Excel export definition: a new easy-to-use editor
  • Issue planner: now is possible to create an Issue within by clicking on the white blank space. The issue automatically take on the date, as well as the resource and the task if filled on search search.
  • Admin: messages, events, listener pages supports bulk delete
  • some label fixed
  • resource editor, plan, worklog week: some UI improvements
  • sqlCombo: dropdown icon fix
  • worklog day portlet do not allow to edit just saved values
  • worklog day portlet do not allow apex in text
  • custom field search: required field must allow to search an empty value
  • resource editor: add colleague from security tab generate error
  • worklog list page: default filter “last month” filters for this month
  • set 100% on close flag do not work closing tasks on Gantt editor
  • additional cost list: totals not aligned
  • operator load: removed numbers next to res. name
  • plan by resource “Show only projects I can manage” hide everything


29 July 2016

  • new worklog editor cannot edit a just inserted value


25 July 2016

  • Worklog Week: inserting worklog has been redesigned
  • sometimes in worklog week description was not saved
  • number of files in file storage always zero
  • project summary, smart combo not showed properly
  • new dedicate page created to check and fix roles to default
  • email scheduler now try to send mail only if setting are stored


21 June 2016

  • public page: new “I’m not a robot” captcha
  • public page: summary view can be now opt-out
  • public page: title, requester name and company fields added
  • task cost print do not show the name of resources correctly
  • closing issues from widgets now fill worklog description correctly
  • resource combos show now the resource code
  • some labels refined
  • send message to group do not allow to add/remove people
  • summary bar: discrepancy on the number of forthcoming milestones count
  • task list export to json: export resources instead of roles
  • board editor: loose the menu bar when saving or posting
  • unstable database connections could generate CPU 100% issues
  • operator load: “Comparison method violates its general contract” error solved
  • operator load now manages correctly if a task is closed before its natural date


30 May 2016

  • ticket/issue management by email. “closed loop”. Open, close add comment are notified both sides, external requester and internal developer
  • project public page completely re-designed
  • new features now possible to add a project logo, visible on public pages and prints
  • is now possible to see the evolution of all the project relevant data (baselines): dates, costs, status, issues, estimations, work done and so on
  • refine search now available on all lists: tasks, issues, worklogs, time-counters etc.
  • issues supports an external requester (email)
  • better layout for “add” buttons
  • Gantt: columns and splitter sizes are now preserved
  • Gantt: visibility of progress improved
  • task list: filter by customer added
  • issue: requester can now be a company
  • issue list: filter by customer added
  • issue list: closed issues with date set are no longer “red”
  • resource list: by default will show recent used resources
  • resource: a logo can be added on each company
  • filter: added a “recently used” option on tasks, issues and resources list pages
  • worklog overview: cell colors enhanced
  • cost list: search by estimated cost
  • business processes: better layout for step’s buttons
  • add classification from the additional costs open a too small editor
  • time counters, better layout
  • summary bar: issues and milestones not well visible
  • better layout for 1366 x 768 resolution
  • worklog approval: better layout
  • date fields, holidays are now visible
  • “customer” role is now identified by “staring with the specified name” so that you can use “Customer”, “Customer top” and so on
  • performant node: getRoot() now uses ancestorIds -> better performances
  • class documentation: class inspection refined for inner classes
  • some labels fixed
  • resource cost read is now not inherited. You can have PM and PM junior that do not see resources costs. If no permission default cost will be used instead.
  • Gantt: assignment editor must show local roles only
  • assignment: when a company is assigned, notification are now sent to the manager is any
  • copy task must not copy dependencies if outside of its “tree”
  • Gantt: move task across non-working days may change the duration
  • copy project with undefined or suspended children was inaccurate
  • task editor: notes and deliverable layout
  • Gantt: date field keep the cursor position
  • received email: images sent as “inline” are now managed correctly
  • create process: only users that can log-in can be assigned
  • agenda: filter do not work fine for not administrator users
  • worklog analysis prints do not show group header
  • public page: gantt visible only when logged
  • worklog excel export fixed
  • task editor: when shift a parent, children are not shifted as well. Gantt does it correctly
  • task costs: negative values when a currency symbol was set, do not compute correctly the values.
  • ClientEntryComparator ” Comparison method violates its general contract!”

Previous versions changelog (6.0.x)