Project Management

With Twproject you will be always able to access up-to-date projects data: tracking progress, forthcoming deadlines, worklogs and costs will be much easier. Twproject is a project management solution that minimizes the effort of administrative tasks and lets you focus on what’s really important for your company.
Twproject makes your data easier to collect and tracking task progress will become easier too.

 You have to manage hundreds of projects and tasks?

Dashboards adapt to the currently active projects. Powerful search forms help to find and manage large volumes of projects. All your filters can be saved (with one click), refined and reused. Results can be printed, exported in Excel format, shared. You can choose the project events you want to subscribe to, and also “push” subscriptions to assignees.

With Twproject you’ll get

  • project and task based team and work-group definition (getting a shared agenda, issue management, team load, …)
  • automatic time sheet definition, and hence cost control
  • personal dashboards
  • full web based Gantt editor

And more!

Moreover projects support milestones, dependencies, have integrated issue tracking, a diary, boards, detailed log of scope creep, have deliverables, have customizable project forms for evaluating complexity/risk/value …