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  • Twproject 5.3: drag & drop docs in the browser and more

    We just released Twproject 5.3 (build 59500) http://www.twproject.com/download.page There are several new interesting features in the version. Documents and files We introduced drag and drop functionality for uploading files almost everywhere. You can upload your documents on your projects, issues, resources, remote storages in few seconds, even multiple files at once. Duplicated files are versioned for … Continue reading “Twproject 5.3: drag & drop docs in the browser and more”

  • Twproject 5.2 patch 59005

    Today a new release is available for download. Twproject 5.2.59005 contains some bug fix and some improvements.

  • Practical Project Cost Management with Twproject

    I had the idea of this post reading an interesting article by Katelyn Anton http://newhiteboard.com/2012/01/18/the-practical-project-cost-management, I warmly suggest you to have a look at it as it is a brief but well structured overview.

  • Twproject 5.2 patch 59003

    A little patch release, available here http://www.twproject.com/download.page No database or “jar” (library) changes.

  • Teamwork available in Japanese

    Teamwork 5.2 now includes a Japanese version of the user interface. We have also published a presentation of Teamwork on the website for Japanese speakers here.

  • Teamwork 5.2: refining planning, costs and more customization flexibility

    We just released Teamwork 5.2 (build 59000) here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page This release comprises a wide set of improvements, ranging from custom fields in several new sections to cost management, to improved planning integrations. We’ve also done several user interface improvements and bug fixes. This is a free upgrade for all users of version 5. Database schema … Continue reading “Teamwork 5.2: refining planning, costs and more customization flexibility”

  • Teamwork 5.1: Project trees and more

    We just released Teamwork 5.1 (build 57001) here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page Contains a new view, task trees, and a subtle but important extension in functionality for “staff” selection. This is a free upgrade for all users of version 5. There are no changes in the database structure with respect to version 5. Task trees Thanks to user … Continue reading “Teamwork 5.1: Project trees and more”

  • Teamwork 5.0.2 patch 56000

    A little patch release, available here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page No database or “jar” (library) changes.     Changes – A new parameter is available in task, issue and assignment custom fields: adding “required” at the end of the comma separated parameter value makes it a mandatory field. – More robust upgrade procedure from Teamwork 4 to 5 … Continue reading “Teamwork 5.0.2 patch 56000”

  • Teamwork 5.0.2 patch release

    We just released a patch for Teamwork 5.0 here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page Mainly small bug fixes, and some improvements in the jQuery Gantt editor. No changes in the database structure.   Bugs fixed – “When you click on an operator for Load Detail screen, it always goes to the top left corner which can be off the … Continue reading “Teamwork 5.0.2 patch release”

  • jQuery Gantt editor – the code explained

    In this blog post, Teamwork’ developer Roberto Bicchierai explains the JavaScript magic behind Teamwork Gantt editor, demo online available here http://gantt.twproject.com. Teamwork version 5 includes it as main project tree editor.

  • Teamwork patch 5.0.1 released

    We just released a patch for Teamwork 5, version 5.0.1 (build 53500). Download it here. This patch contains mainly bug fixes: – installations with “non empty context path”, that is, where Teamwork is not running as root application had problems – fixed a bug in setting English or American default settings. – read SVN logs  … Continue reading “Teamwork patch 5.0.1 released”

  • Teamwork 5: Gantt, planning, new design & more

    A major Teamwork release, Teamwork 5, is now available for download here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page In the same page you can generate a 15 day evaluation license. (inclusive of the mobile version) Teamwork’s costs have not changed, all details: http://www.twproject.com/licensing.page The base cost is 90 Euro per non-expiring license, and the upgrade cost is 35 Euro (44$) … Continue reading “Teamwork 5: Gantt, planning, new design & more”