• Twproject 7.1.000

    Communication is an essential requirement within a team; that’s why in Twproject you can find many different features having this goal. Today we added an brand new one: the mentions! Twproject 7.1.000 includes also several security fixes and improvements. Mentions Nowadays, using constantly messaging applications, we got used to mentions, an efficient way to refer … Continue reading “Twproject 7.1.000”

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  • Twproject free online Gantt editor

    Twproject’s team in its core developer instance (Roberto Bicchierai) has released a free online service for designing “Gantts” online, here: This editor is a Gantt editor as for functionality, but it actually supports the more extended functionality of Twproject modeling, supporting task state management as distinct from dates management. Supports multi assignments, dependencies, drag&drop, zooming … Continue reading “Twproject free online Gantt editor”

  • Teamwork 4.8 – Plan your issues

    With the new Teamwork version 4.8  a new tool for organizing your issues is released. In addition to the issue organizer which lets you change task, assignee, gravity and status simply dragging your issues in different columns, there is now also a new functionality, the issue planner, that helps you schedule issues in time. Here … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.8 – Plan your issues”

  • Adopting project management software: stories of success and failure

    In this new video we discuss project management software adoption practices, trying to find patterns of success and failure, drawn from our experience. The video ends with ends with 10 short tips on adopting project management solutions. You can download the “infographic” used (PNG 4.2MB, JPG 3.6MB , PDF 118KB).   Transcript I’ve been helping … Continue reading “Adopting project management software: stories of success and failure”

  • Video: a short introduction to Teamwork

    We recorded a new short introduction to Teamwork, focused on its functional completeness and rich integrations with other services. Used Prezi for the images, a nice online tool for presentations.                

  • Get Teamwork on the cloud

    You can now get your own Teamwork server hosted on Amazon cloud: this will be a dedicated server, so you will have all the advantages of having an internal server without having to do any maintenance. E.g. in case of upgrades these will be performed by Teamwork’s staff. For groups of up to 15 users, … Continue reading “Get Teamwork on the cloud”

  • Teamwork’s team releases a new service for helping companies change

    We just released a new (free) online service for facilitating change in companies, groups, teams: it’s called Your Change Manifesto, and you can use it online here: http://yourchangemanifesto.com The service idea is heavily inspired by several of Teamwork bootcamps, experiencing the difficulties and opportunities innovative managers find in introducing change.

  • Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25104)

    In this minor release the bug that prevented users deleting Teamwork resources has been resolved. It is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here: http://www.twproject.com/download.pag Bug fixed: – Bug that prevents user deleting resources – Iframe portlet not displayed correctly – Loading image on resource profile Small … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25104)”

  • Predict the future or improve today

    Here is a very short video on predicting the future vs. improving the current situation – which assumes that you know what is happening, who is doing what. The quoted Freakonomics podcast “The Folly of Prediction” is here.     Teamwork, with its focus on recording work in very different ways and from different sources … Continue reading “Predict the future or improve today”

  • Get Teamwork support via Twitter

    We just published a small update so that Teamwork integrates user help requests to Twitter from inside the application. To do it by hand just tweet @teamworknews.

  • Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25100)

    This is a minor release that contains an important bugfix found thanks to Teamwork’ users detailed feedback. it is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here: http://www.twproject.com/download.pag Bug fixed: – Bug that prevents Teamwork’ sending notifications for expired tasks.

  • Temwork release 4.7.25013

    This is a minor release which includes some bug-fixes and some improvements. It is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page The most important improvement in this release is in the Teamwork process management module. Now, for instance, you can auto assign resource directly from the process … Continue reading “Temwork release 4.7.25013”

  • Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25011)

    A patch release for Teamwork 4.7 is available. Thanks to user’s feedback we included an important fix to a bug that prevented Teamwork sending notification e-mails. This is a free upgrade for all users of version 4. Get the installer / upgrader here: http://www.twproject.com/download.page Teamwork 4.7 has been released with a major technological update including … Continue reading “Teamwork 4.7 patch release (4.7.25011)”