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Brainstorming Techniques: When Unity Is Strength

In Project Management, Brainstorming is a technique that can produce innumerable advantages for the Project Manager. At the start of a project or at a particular stage, project managers inevitably want to get as many ideas as possible. This is where brainstorming comes in handy. TABLE OF CONTENTS Brainstorming and clichés How to plan the […]


Brainstorming and Project management: creativity at the service of a project’s success

Brainstorming, a technique apparently so far, but so useful for a Project Manager. In the life of a project manager, in fact, creative thinking is required every day to solve problems. Steve Jobs himself underlined it with the phrase: “Creativity is nothing more than connecting things” In fact, many job descriptions for project managers specify […]


Risk response strategies: mitigation, transfer, avoidance, acceptance

When dealing with a project, risks are always on the agenda. Even the most carefully planned project can encounter problems and unexpected events. Team members may fall ill or resign, other resources may be unavailable or insufficient, the budget may fail to cover an expense, etc. Does this mean that we must give up when […]


The management of project meetings

Being able to manage project meetings is a feature that every successful Project Manager should have. Each project requires periodic meetings where stakeholders meet to discuss goals, assigned tasks, and progress of the project. TABLE OF CONTENTS The phases of a project meeting and how to manage them Managing a project meeting: Things to do […]


Project scheduling: management and process

Project scheduling is one of the main activities of project planning. It is summarized in a document that describes all the work necessary to deliver the project on time and with success. A project, in fact, is composed by many activities and each activity includes a beginning and an end. In the same manner, people […]


Stakeholder engagement plan: how to plan stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement and stakeholder management are, without doubt, fundamental for project success, but, despite this, they are often considered a marginal activity. Stakeholder engagement is instead an essential and at the same time broad topic. It includes gathering and sharing information, managing concerns and complaints, measuring the impact and importance of different stakeholder groups, efficient […]


How to implement a project management software from scratch: 8 errors to avoid

A project management software can increase the efficiency and productivity of the project, but its implementation is not always simple. It is often the case that organizations start the process of inserting a new software without a clear understanding of how to deal with its implementation. The implementation of a project management software is important, […]


Project requirements: how to collect and analyze them

Project requirements are a key aspect in order to complete the project on time and without exceeding budget limits. This is one of the essential skills of a project manager, often underestimated, which consists in the collection and analysis of these aspects of the plan. Understanding clearly the requirements of any project you are about […]


Work Breakdown Structure: some suggestions for using it to the best

A Work Breakdown Structure, abbreviated with WBS, is a visual tool for the definition and tracking of a project deliverable and all the small components necessary to create it. With a Work Breakdown Structure, the project manager can concentrate on what he has to accomplish as he approaches the project deadline. This is a fundamental […]


The triangle of talents: which skills for the project manager?

The triangle of talent, not just a simple shape, but the golden triangle of the Project Manager. Would you like to know more? I will try to explain it to you. Let’s briefly think about what are the most important qualities for a successful project manager. Everybody, both those who have worked for years in […]


5 Project Planning Mistakes to Avoid (Part 1 of 5)

Managing a project is complicated and making mistakes that can compromise the progress of all activities is very simple. One of the most delicate phases from this point of view is the project planning one, errors made in this phase are in fact the most serious and can negatively affect the achievement of the entire […]


Project Management Basics: 4 Reasons to Use Gantt Charts

What is a Gantt Chart? Why it can be useful to manage your project? If you have never heard of it, it’s important to know that Gantt diagram is a very versatile tool to visualize and track the timing and progress of a task. Its representation is very simple: it is a Cartesian diagram, on […]


How Marketing Agencies Use Twproject

We have always defined Twproject as a flexible project management software and the reason why we do so is that there is not a sector where Twproject is not useful. Our project management software is used by thousands of companies all around the world meeting expectations of great project managers and their teams in almost any […]