Workflows FAQ

Why should I use a workflows instead of a project?

Because a defined process can implement a graph (eventually with loops) while a project is structured as a tree. If you think your process is well defined and it may requires decisions that could activate or not some steps consider using a process.

Actually in most cases task structure with dependencies is enough and by far easy to set-up. See here for details about workflows:

Can I use a process instead of a project?

Yes. Once you have your process defined, you can decide to start a new process instead of project. See here for details about workflows:

Where is the workflow management?

Go to “admin” –>  “Customization” –> “Business processes”

How can I write new processes?

Process are written in XML using JPDL language. A good starting point are the supplied examples. Have a look to jBoss documentation:

Can you recommend a tool to edit the process xml’s?

When we started developing the processes part we’ve searched for a good tool to create processes and we find that the best one is the plugin for eclipse. Unfortunately you need to install the IDE to then start using the plugin.