Costs Management with Twproject

Costs management is of course one of the aspects that makes the success of a project and it affects deeply the value chain. Perhaps it can be easy to manage the costs as a whole, but sometimes it is not as easy as it looks to enquire about specific aspects or the ramification of costs.

The something is going wrong feeling is, of course, not enough. The certainty that something is going wrong is not enough as well: it is necessary to know exactly what is going wrong, why and at which level (whole project, task, sub-task).

Twproject is the full featured web based project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your projects, and it manages all the aspects of the value chain as well. It allows to manage the costs of a project, particularly also the costs related to the work performed (for example, travel costs).

Furthermore, with Twproject it is possible to assign a budget related to specific issues of a single Project / Task / Sub-task (equipment, courses, external consultants…). The budget management and assignation process can be “atomized”, so that the control workflow becomes more flexible, easier, more “on the spot”.


In this way the cost allocation can be constantly monitored as a whole and in its elements: Twproject can send an alert if the cost (even for the single Project / Task / Sub-task) is reaching the budget limit, so it is possible to monitor, and react to, budget overflow, just when and where it is really needed.

Just follow this link if you want to know more about cost management with Twproject.